Monday, 6 September 2010


We are back in Ely!  Lovely place!

The wind is back too and so is the rain!!
Nothing amazingly exciting is happening but, in an attempt to maintain interest ............................. !!!!!!

"Angie xx" - a widebeam crewed by an Angie who is definitely younger than me, 
slimmer than me, fitter than me but about the same height and state of blondness.
What very important element is missing though?  Glad it is because ...... it's mine, all mine!!

Indulged?  Don't be silly - not us!!!

Before we leave the River Great Ouse I would like to go down the Little Ouse to an RSPB nature reserve called Lakenheath Fen - rumour has it that there are Bearded Tits there!!!  NO RUDE COMMENTS!!!!!!!
If, after years and years of searching I actually get to see one properly ............ I'll risk it and post a photo!

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  1. If you work those locks a bit harder you to can have a hairy chest Paul