Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, for 24 hours+ now we have had no more rain!  The water level has dropped and the flow has definitely calmed down a lot.  Autumn is definitely approaching as we awoke this morning to a heavy dew and a little condensation on the windows.  Condensation is something that I don't like about living on a boat.

August has been a disappointing month weather-wise but, being the last day for this year, it has decided to try to leave with some dignity at least and so the skies have been blue and the sun has been shining.  We have seen more cruisers on the move today than at any other time on this river and at Godmanchester Lock we met n/b "Matilda Rose" who have also been spending the Summer over here.   The locks on the Great Ouse are hard work when you have to work them on your own.  The slackers (we call them paddles on the canals) take SUCH a lot of winding.  The worst ones take 62 winds up EACH and, of course, 62 winds EACH down again!  I know it's sad to count but ............... what else is there to do when faced with so much winding?

Waiting to enter Godmanchester Lock

We have begun our long journey back to the canal system and have moved downstream on to a GOBA mooring just outside of St Ives opposite Hemingford Meadow.  We have secured pole position - the one and only pontoon mooring.  Having discovered that we have two leaky windows, John is making the most of the sunshine and is getting busy!  We also want to sweep the chimney and sort out the fire in readiness for colder weather.

Rumour had it that August was going to be a 'scorcher'!  Maybe the sun has been saving itself for September?

We can but live in hope as we approach the Nene!


  1. Well of course September is going to be lovely -I'm going back to school! Glad it's cheered up for you tho. It's that Rodders who jinxed the weather last week.

  2. I dont find the locks that hard do you John???? Paul