Saturday, 28 August 2010

Busy Going Nowhere

We are still at Barford Bridge!  The river is up by at least a foot from when we joined it and the flow of the water is quite strong.  The river, however, is not closed to navigation indicating that it can get a lot worse!
The Skipper does not want to move until the level has dropped a little and the flow decreased.  Needless to say he and his visiting mate have made a noticeable path across the grass from "Ellen's" bow to the front door of the pub.  Just as well that, unlike in London, the pub is not open all hours!!

Going ...........

Going ................


Fortunately, Rodney's car is also still here so today we are going to go on a road tour as opposed to the river tour I had originally intended.  We are going to go to the Hemingfords, Houghton and possibly St Ives.
Knowing the company, I'm sure it will end up being a pub crawl!

The weather man has stated that the weekend is going to remain dry (of rain, that is!) so, hopefully John and I will be able to get going on Monday.  Even the girls are fed up of being in the same place!



  1. All this talk of rain, i'll be contacting Ryan Air about their refund policy!

    Maisie looks sick of it too, think she wants to come to malta :)

  2. Rain vot is this rain fing about?. Ve have had no rain in Sicily you must be a joking!