Friday, 20 August 2010

We Don't get Spiders on this Boat!

Well very few anyway - but not this week and that must be because Gill has been here and she HATES spiders!

Last weekend the forecast for the week was dreadful!  We've actually had nice days - yes, a downpour every day but it tends to have been late afternoon after we have moored up.  The sunshine moments have been lovely and the rainbows have been fabulous.  The best one was where the reflection made a complete oval.
Unfortunately my little camera couldn't fit it all in.

I have really appreciated putting my 'work experience' pupil through his paces!

It's amazing what lengths some people will go to,however, to avoid doing any work!!
 Actually it wasn't at all funny!  For some reason unknown to us all, Gill's thumb became very swollen and painful.  I'm getting good at locating NHS walk-in centres!!  This time it was in St Neots.  A course of 
anti-biotics later it is getting better but the doctor didn't know what was wrong either!

Despite that, we have had a really good week.  We have seen loads of kingfishers.  We had a nice meal in the Anchor Inn last night and Will has very successfully learned how to play canasta!

I am now about to leave for Staines with Gill and Will to go and look after my mum for a week and John has moved into Priory Marina with the dogs.  He has a long list of jobs to do!!  Rodney will be bringing me back and then it will be his turn to have a week afloat.


  1. if you dont want spiders aboard get some conkers and put in bowls around the boat and they will go away Paul

  2. When someone says "I can't understand it-we NEVER get spiders!" don't believe them. The conkers might be worth a try-it's the season for them soon.