Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oh Dear, Oh Dear! Rain Rules OK?

Everything went to plan back in Staines - mum enjoyed having me there looking after her (and seeing to the housework!!) and my brother had a really nice time up in Hull at Helen and John's wedding celebration so all worked out well.

Rodney very kindly bought me back to Priory Marina in Bedford and he is staying with us for the rest of the week.  The original plan was to cruise to St Ives by Saturday.  Yesterday we easily reached Great Barford and The Anchor Inn.  We couldn't have got him any closer so he ought to be looking happier!  It wasn't raining then either!

Over here in the East it has rained quite a lot during August - it's been more like traditional April weather.  The land is no longer dry and parched.
Yesterday afternoon the heavens opened and we have had 24 hours of non-stop, heavy rain.  As a result the water level has risen by about 4 inches (10 cms!!) overnight and the river is flowing quite rapidly.
Strong Stream Advice is likely to being issued and locks closed to navigation if the rain continues.  No boats are on the move.  If we have to stay put for a couple of days this is a good place to be:-

  • good pub serving good food and good ale within tottering distance
  • an available water tap (quite a rare commodity on this navigation)
  • somewhere to get rid of rubbish (another rare commodity)
  • field to walk the dogs
  • concrete bank mooring for getting on and off

For consideration - John and I to cycle back to Priory Marina (4 miles along designated cycle paths. We have done this before in the rain!) and bring Rodney's car to the pub car park.  We could then at least go to St Neots where I would like to do some shopping and have a mooch around the market.  I rather suspect, however, that the two males on board would rather just go straight into the pub!!!!
How well I know them!!  I have just been told that they need to go up there right now just to make sure that the publican agrees to a car being put in his car park!!  I haven't been invited!  Never mind - peace and quiet to have a tidy up and look out for the resident kingfisher.

Message from Mr Rogers to Mr Nicoll:_
"No better place to be when it's raining and river is in flood!
You ought to be here because .............. it's your round!!  I'll have a pint of "Guzzler" please."

KEN!!  We've also got a leaky window!


  1. Oh my! Please say hello to Toad for me! He'll remember me! What a great picture!

  2. Hi Tray, Toad says "Hello" how are you? Water level is still rising, not able to move, may just have to go to the Pub again! Life's a bitch. It has now stopped raining & forecast is better for the next few days, will get going as soon as the river drops & flow slows. Keep following.

  3. In spite of the pub being so close, Rodders does look a bit mis in the picture but the flowers look great Ange!!