Thursday, 5 August 2010


Last night we moored at Godmanchester.  The town council have provided good moorings by a lovely little park right on part of the Ouse Valley Way and the largest meadow in England (apparently) - Port Holme Meadow.
We couldn't get onto the mooring of our choice as another narrow-boater had beaten us to it!  A Chinese wooden footbridge links the lock island to the 'mainland'.  There is a small but useful collection of shops here.

We haven't moved on far today but it has been the loveliest part of the river covered so far.  We are now moored up close to Buckden Marina on a really nice GOBA mooring.  That stands for:- Great Ouse Boating Association and we subscribed for the year so that we could legitimately use their mooring sites.  Actually Buckden Marina is more of Cambridgeshire's "Centre Parks" - we walked all around today and there are lots and lots of wooden lodges - all looking very nice and be-decked with flowers.  The cheapest come at £160,000 and out of the last 27 to be built, only four remain.  Recession?  The whole site was once gravel pits.  Now it's a water park where you can zoom around on your water skies!

One of the the 'posh' log cabins. 

Passed today:-
Brampton Mill - now a pub/restaurant - doesn't come much more tempting than this!

"Slow down!"
Even Maisie thought the waves that were made were too big.
We haven't seen another narrowboat on the move today but plenty of plastics.

This is our current 'garden' - not bad eh?  As I look out of the kitchen window at the moment I can see a large herd of cows of all sort of colours - young and not-so-young - slurping and munching.  
The heron is making a racket and the fish are making circles in the water.
Doesn't take much to please me!!  

I'm sure you've heard of it!  Well, now that we have this 'marvellous' satmap (curtesy of the tax rebate!) we thought we would have a go!
Either the 'marvellous' satmap is not so marvellous or we are just really naff at it - best not to respond to that!!
We have attempted to find three micro caches now and all we have received for our troubles are nettle stings and hawthorn scratches.  We couldn't even locate caches we had planted ourselves!!!!!!
  At the moment I fail to see the attraction ............. or the fun!!

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