Sunday, 8 August 2010

Weekends Afloat

We have adopted the pattern of looking for somewhere 'nice' to stay put over weekends.  This weekend we have really come up trumps!  We are at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve!  There is a small GOBA mooring - just big enough for two narrowboats to squeeze in to (which we have!) right in the middle of the reserve.  The whole reserve is SO well managed and there is a fantastic choice of dog-walking routes.  The reserve has two hides (well-maintained and open FREE to the public!), lots of view points, good paths AND you can walk the dogs around AND they only have to be put on a lead when they are in a bird hide with you!  If you arrive by car the car park is FREE and the visitor centre is informative and well managed too!  All thanks to Huntingdonshire District Council.  The reserve is 'under development' and will, one day, be really very special.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve

Maggie - Ace Canine Watcher!  
Of course, she's not interested in anything with feathers - she wants fur and a little white bob-tail!

We are on course for getting to Bedford next weekend to pick up Gill and Will but ........... looks like there could be a problem!!!  Old ladies strike again!!

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