Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Royal Departure

Today Ken and Sandra have begun heading back downstream towards Denver Sluice on their way 'home' to Shobnall.  According to our calculations they have got a journey ahead of them consisting of 206 miles and 100 locks!  Easy Peasy!!  We have really enjoyed their company and I have been thoroughly spoilt having Sunday dinners cooked for me by the Floating Boating Chef!  Back to cooking my own now!  Have a safe journey you two and .......... keep out of trouble!  We will miss you.

Yesterday was Market Day in St Ives - now that's what I call a market.  It is very traditional and seemed to have a bit of everything - we came back pretty laden with what we considered to be bargains anyway!  We also discovered a Fair Trade shop with lots of lovely handmade crafty things in it - nice to look at.

Our friends Rosa, Richard and youngest daughter, Beth were coming back from Sheffield so they took a detour and came to find us for lunch.  It was really good to see them - perhaps next time they can stay overnight?

John and I have also left St Ives today and are now moored on an island by Houghton Mill.  We have noticed how much busier the river has become - people are now out for their holidays on masse.  No more having the locks to ourselves and first choice of moorings!  The village of Houghton is a gem - again, very pretty.  There is a thatched clock tower in the village square -

There are also two really nice-looking pubs.  This one particularly caught my attention.  I have lived my entire life thinking that ONE was more than enough!!!!

For those of you who might not know:-
"The Jolly Butcher" pub in Staines has patronised the Blake males for at least three generations, possibly four.
We are now going to make our way slowly to Bedford.

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