Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Paxton Pits to Great Barford

St Neots
A larger town than I had anticipated.  A lovely riverside town park with several lots of moorings provided by the town council but we didn't stop overnight.  It rained for most of the day so we carried on to Eaton Scoton and moored by a lovely little nature reserve called Barton Road Pocket Park.  The only thing that spoilt it was the noise of the busy A1 which is close by.  Only since travelling around by boat have I become so aware of noise pollution caused by road traffic, trains and aeroplanes.

In this Pocket Park John successfully found a micro cache!  He said it was easy to find as it was sensibly hidden!  At this very moment in time he is now off searching  for a nano cache!!!! (something smaller). Sad, I know but it gives him something different to do!

The river from Roxton Lock to Great Barford is really lovely - reminded me of the upper reaches of the Thames.

Great Barford is a definite beauty spot.

We are moored on an EA mooring right by The Anchor Inn which is right by the old 17 arch
C15th bridge.

I think we can definitely get Rodney and Gill and Will here for lunch, dinner or both!

We've hardly seen any other boats on the move today - one cruiser, one narrow boat and two canoes in fact.

This little dog was just joy-riding.

The white duck is really tame. 
It let this fisherman stroke it!!
Anything for a bit of sweetcorn!

The sun has shone most of the day and at times has been positively hot.  Considering it is August, from Monday to Thursday the river is really quiet.  Everything seems to kick off at weekends.  Tomorrow we are going to cycle in to Bedford and find out whats-what!

No nano cache but still in a good mood!  Thinks he's worked out the accompanying clue and will try again in the morning.

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