Thursday, 9 September 2010

Eastern Counties

Yesterday we entered the county of Suffolk by boat - I didn't know we could!  We have travelled the navigable length of the Little Ouse to the small town of Brandon.

The Little Ouse is a lovely little river - much nicer than we were expecting.  Sometimes the banks are tree lined, sometimes there are fields and sometimes open water meadows where an enormous assortment of cattle graze.  I just loved this little chap and thanks to Mrs Clayton, I even know what type of cow he is!!

Today the weather has been glorious!(A favourite word of my friend, Ken)  We cycled back to the RSPB Lakenheath Fen nature reserve.  Last night we had to moor just before Brandon Lock because there was nowhere else!  Apparently those in charge of the reserve have been trying to secure some visitor mooring space but to no avail as the landowner will not agree.  It's a lovely reserve - everything looked and felt quite new - I'm sure it will grow in popularity and notoriety!  Especially as a result of the rather special birds they boast having there - bearded tits amongst them!!   I tend to get myself to all the right places but not at the right times!

The leaflet says,
 "In the Autumn - Look out for families of Bearded Tits searching for food amongst the reeds"!!
Well, I did and I didn't hear or see one!!  It IS Autumn isn't it?
This is what all the fuss is about though - I'll just have to keep trying!
I'm sorry but, being a twitcher, he IS simply magnificent!

Is Suffolk not famous for it's pork sausages?  We passed an enormous pig farm on our travels today - there must have been 1,000 pigs of various ages.  
They looked very well cared for 
 and very happy.

As you can imagine, the smell was 
quite something!!

Today we have travelled in and out of Norfolk!  This was on bikes though, not in the boat.

We have company tonight - we have just been joined on our mooring by another narrow boat - another pair of continual cruisers.  


  1. I am soooo glad I am adding to your education!That tit looks like a little chinaman
    Getting close again!

  2. So sadly the blog world has to wait a little longer to see your Bearded Tits then my friend? We wait with baited breath. x

  3. Your Bearded Tit looks lovely and what a clever bird, being able to do the splits and all! It is very early Autumn-so maybe later on?

  4. That's a Belted Galloway! Right? My scouts used to call them Oreo cows. We'd see them once a year on the way to a ski resort. One herd, about 40 or 50, I'd say.

    Beautiful pictures!