Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Billing Marina to Gayton Junction

We left Billing at 9.30am having decided that, for safety reasons, we needed to get off the river.
I am totally smitten with the River Nene - because of it's tendency to flood,  it's no-where near as manicured as the Thames.
We BOTH thought the weather forecast said that we were in for three days of rain but ................ we did Billing to Gayton in lovely sunshine!  23 locks and 9 miles.
Did we not listen properly?  Did we misunderstand?  Are we just both going senile or .............. did the weathermen just get it wrong again?!!  Did they lie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were moored up at Gayton by 6pm having stopped on the quay at Northampton for about an hour and a half while I went to Morrisons and we had lunch.  All the locks on the Rothersthorpe Flight were in our favour and it made a huge difference in terms of difficulty and time.
Nobody else was going our way but 4 boats were heading to the Nene to get back to their permanent moorings.
We have stayed at Gayton today - in the sunshine(!) - the only downside being the noise from the A43!
Anyway, we are now well placed for getting to Stoke Bruerne for the weekend's celebrations with Gill, Anne and Rodney.  Bring it on!


  1. Oh Angela my brave little Damsel fly, I can see it now, battling on through wind and rain your delicate wings in shreds winding paddles, opening gates, constantly under the threat of the lash from the cruel Capt. Bligh on the blunt end. "Where's my tea woman! Get your big bum against that beam and PUSH".
    But the sun was out so it should have been a doddle....

  2. Oh, Derek! My clever little Cornish Piskie! At last you have worked out how to leave a comment!
    Perseverance has paid off!
    Hurray!! ............ and 'thank you'
    PS God gave me that big bum especially!