Sunday, 31 October 2010

Writer's Block!

For the last 10 days or so this has comprised of:-

  1. Lack of inspiration
  2. Poor internet connections
  3. Lack of self-discipline
  4. Insufficient uninterrupted time!  Say no more!
So ................ what has been happening?  Lots of little things really.

We have been to Rugby, primarily to stock up supplies from the canal side Tesco's but, whilst there, we spent two very enjoyable evenings with Lynne and Paul from n/b "Piston Broke".  We have heard first hand about the trials and tribulations of having one's boat stretched.  MAJOR work!  MAJOR stress!  Pretty sure I couldn't handle it!  They are renting a boat in a nearby marina whilst all the work is going on.  The boat will be stunning when everything is completed - we are looking forward to seeing it.
  (I got up early but ...........interruption has just arrived - say no more!)

Back at Willoughby Wharf, Meg joined us from Saturday until Monday.  She was lucky because, for most of the time, the sun shone and the sky was blue!  

Being in Braunston during Half Term week?  It has been like the W25 - waterway equivalent to the M25!
Boats have been parading by from early morning to dusk!  John has been bobbing up and down like a cork in a bottle!  Good exercise for the knees!  Hire boat companies have done very well this week!  A mass of private boats have been out and about too -amongst them lots of very pristine, brand-new-looking boats.
  Recession?  What recession?

The weather has been very mixed - one day nice; one day not; one day nice; one day not has been the general pattern.  We have had rain, heavy frost, high winds and ..................... bright, warm sunshine.  

When we moved from the church to The Puddle Banks we were re-united with Rosie the Rotweiller and her owners Liz and Dave.  Rosie has been in trouble!  She has torn a tendon in her back leg and has had to have a major operation. ££££££££££££!!   She is still limping and has to be kept calm!  If you knew Rosie you would realise how difficult this is as she is such a friendly girl and gets so excited.  Dave and Liz also have a 14 year old poodle called Lulu and a parrot called Jasper.  Whilst we were outside on the tow path talking their phone rang ...... and rang ...........and rang.  Dave made no attempt to go in to answer it.  Seeing me looking puzzled he explained .............
"It's the parrot!  He imitates the ring tone of the phone when he thinks he's been on his own too long. The ring tone of the phone usually gets someone coming!"
Braunston Village  
The more time we spend here and get to know the village and the surrounding area, the more we like it.
There is always lots going on and it is steeped in history.  With that in mind:-
Braunston Puddle Banks:-  This is a really popular mooring amongst boaters but WHY are they called that?
There must be an historical reason?  I have discovered an excellent village web site and a helpful chap is going to try to find out for me.

Rodney stopped by to see us yesterday.  He has gone to his own boat just to check that everything is OK.
We met him in "The Old Plough".  (Really friendly pub in the High Street - dog friendly)
Whilst in there the phone rang and it was Lynn (of Mick and Lynn).
"Where are you?  We're on the M1 heading South."
Being informed we were in a pub in Braunston was far too much temptation!  They were with us within half an hour!  They came back to the boat with us for a while - it was really good to see them and catch up with news etc.
We are planning to see Rodney again at lunchtime.

Sorry - no pictures.  I hope my problem in adding some is down to the fact that the internet connection is weak but I have to confess that I have been finding it more and more difficult lately using 'Blogger.'  Have tried to configure 'Writer' which has been recommended but it won't accept this blog site address for some reason?  Any advice gratefully accepted.

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  1. Good to see you too! Did you get to see 'The Pickles' or did you just stay in in the warm?
    Watched strictly when we got home, loved the fact that Gavin was dancing to Muse!!!
    Talk soon