Wednesday, 20 October 2010


"Angela really needs to pay careful attention to detail and take into account ALL the available data!
Perhaps if she took more time ..............."

Whoops!  Some things never change!  Yes, I failed to take into account four sections of travel!
SO ................. my tentative re-calculation on reaching Braunston is .................
MILES:  947
LOCKS:  511
Over to you, Rodney!

We have moved on to Hillmorton aiming to get to Rugby tomorrow.  All because ........  we need to go to Tesco's to stock up!  The excitment is hard to contain!!

Hoping to meet up with Lynne and Paul and hear first-hand all about the stretching of n/b Piston Broke.


  1. Angela my little popkin, its like I've been saying all along, your delicate little brains aren't designed for these technical matters (same with map reading) Now, having opened my fat mouth I shall get my head well down below the parapet before I'm engulfed by a hoard of angry feminists. Oh, and before "Tray the Expert" is tempted to make snyde comments, just remember I could always bring up certain canoeing exploits at Grayson Lake Kentucky, or better yet, our Bar-B-Q lighting skills in Upstate New York. Chuckle, chuckle...

  2. should that not be Hairy Chested Popkin

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Nah, no worries, mate! But good memories!!! And you DID find the way to that bloody awful portage between Raquette Lake and Utowana Lake, in the rain, and at night! I was impressed.

  4. And if you read this Harpic, go see my latest blog post at

    Glad you are "Clean Round the Bend!"