Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Get-Together Weekend

What a good choice of venue for our get-together Stoke Bruerne has turned out to be - well done, Rodney!  We have all had a really lovely weekend.
It comes as no surprise that the village has been bustling with boats and people all the time we have been here.  The restaurants, pubs and shops have had lots of trade and the trip boat has been constantly backwards and forwards to the tunnel entrance.  The little cottage hired by Rodney was lovely.  It has four storeys all connected by spiral staircases!  It was nicely decorated and well equipped.

We went into the museum which was interesting and we had audio handsets which not only explained about things inside the museum but also took us on a tour of the immediate surroundings outside.

Us girls also had a mooch around the shops - well, we would wouldn't we?!!

On Saturday evening we had a really nice meal in the Indian restaurant next door but one to the cottage - "The Spice of Bruerne".  We found the food to be delicious and good value, the surroundings very comfortable and the service excellent.

Food Sunday lunchtime was obtained from "The Boat Inn".  In fact, as with all good celebratory times, a lot of food and alcohol was consumed by all!!

We did have some exercise too!  On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk to the village of Blisworth along the Mid Shires Way.  It was very muddy in sections!  Rodney drove to Blisworth to pick us up and bring us back to Stoke Bruerne.  Gill and Anne have gone back to Staines with harvested sloes ready to make sloe gin - some for me at Christmas time please!

AND ........ I am no longer able to compete with Rapunzel because Gill has given me a very tidy haircut!

A really, really lovely weekend - thanks everyone.  Love you all.


  1. Go on you lot, have fun while poor old Cinderella is stuck in Cornwall scrubbing pots and cleaning grates etc. Well, nipping down the pub occasionally but that's not the point. Anyway, I'm sure you had fun but I am seriously considering having certain individuals banned from the county.....

  2. Sounds lovely and the weather was good too!
    See you soon xx

  3. Sounds like a great time! Rodney does have good tastes in pubs and cottages.

    Tray M.

  4. We did have fab weekend and if I lived in the cottage permanently, I'd be skinny or with knackered knees-all those stairs!
    My Sloe Gin is made and marinating nicely. Visitors may get a taste.