Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Just So’s Yer Know …..

Watford Locks

Today we went for a walk along the locks at Watford and …………. the towpath all along the flight has been/is being tarmacked. 

“About time too”, I hear the lock-keeper/s say. 

On a regular basis the towpath adjoining the staircase locks has been flooded by boaters descending the flight too closely to the boat in front.  The resulting flood water washed away lots of the gravel path to the bottom of the slope.  It was then the responsibility of the attendant lock-keeper/s to shovel it up, barrow it back to the bald patches, replace it and replenish if necessary.  This did not lead to happy lock-keepers!!  We’ve seen this happen several times – the last time being in November when we were on our way back to Crick.  Boy, did the offending boater get a telling off!  Now, however, although there will undoubtedly be flooded future moments the surface of the towpath will stay in tact!

New Chandlers at Whilton

The Chandlers at Whilton Marina has changed hands.  It has just re-opened under new management.  It’s all a bit sparse at the moment but it looks like more available space is to be utilised and it will be well stocked.  The old chandlers was so quirky though, an Aladdin's Cave and we loved it!!


The restored 100 year old steam-powered narrow boat, “President” is definitely a celebrity on our canals and rightly so.  Fantastic news:- being part of the National Historic Fleet the boat (she? he? it?) is to represent Staffordshire and be part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames in June.  An assortment of 1,000 boats are to take part and it’s going to be such a majestic spectacle. 

Daventry Arm

I’m amazed!  Apparently Daventry Town Council don’t want a canal arm going into the town.  I really am surprised because according to reports from other canal side towns and villages the boost canal trade brings to a local economy is a definite plus point and not to be sniffed at.  As a town, Daventry doesn’t appear to be thriving to me and would benefit from attracting extra trade.

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