Monday, 20 February 2012

A Rare Bug

Well, actually, I don’t think it’s rare at all – a lot of people seem to have it or have had it – just not on boats here in the marina.

Since living on a boat we have had very little illness – just a few sniffles and odd days of not feeling ‘quite the ticket’.  I think it’s probably a result of being out in the fresh air such a lot and not being in places where people assemble in confined spaces – like offices, shops, schools etc.   BUT ….. a nasty bug has now got John in it’s clutches!  A week ago he complained of a husky voice!  His throat, he said, was, however, not sore.

Gill and Rodney came and we spent a few really nice (note the choice of a different adjective - ‘nice’ and not ‘lovely’!) days with them – as usual eating and drinking far too much!  On Valentine’s Day we went for a splendid (!) meal in The Red Lion.  Red heart    By Thursday all the ice had melted so we took Rodney’s boat out for a quick ‘jolly’ to Yelvertoft and back.  Gill was in the throws of ‘getting over’ the bug!  The irritating cough was still in evidence.

John seemed fine until Saturday when he too started to have bouts of coughing.  Sick smile  These things always seem to be worse at night so neither of us have had peaceful slumbers!  I fear I’m making it sound as though John caught this bug from Gill – not so – I think he had started to incubate it before she arrived.  I really hope Rodney hasn’t caught it.  Today I’ve opened the back doors and closed the bedroom door in an attempt to flush out lurking germs with gusts of cold air!!  I definitely do not want to catch this bug – we are going to see Mick and Lynn on Thursday –  they have already had it, got rid of it and I feel sure do not want it back!!  On Friday we are due to revise old skills – that of baby-minding!!  Just as well Leo is a tough little lad!  He could be in for an interesting experience!

My brother, Graham is, according to the sister on the ward, making good progress.  He is now sending daily progress texts!  Things rarely go completely smoothly though – he is soon to begin radiotherapy as they did not get all ‘the bad stuff’ (his words) out during the operation.  Also, there is a problem regarding nerve endings between his neck and shoulder and he is receiving physiotherapy treatment for that.

Three more weekends before we get back out on the cut.  Smile

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  1. Oh No get better soon, we really don't want it back thank you!
    Leo has had conjunctivitis and is just gettting better.
    Graham sounds more positive.
    Look forward to Thursday xxxxxx