Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nice Ice ....... Baby!!!

Sorry, I know it's cheesy but I couldn't resist it!

Well, having convinced ourselves that this year we had escaped the ice and snow .............. it's arrived with vengence.  All the boats in the marina and out on the cut are going no-where and I rather suspect that is the general pattern everywhere on the system.

In these condidtions it's not only the cut that gets iced up.  All the water taps in the marina are frozen and so is the pump out facility.

On the plus side the grass and mud on the fields and tow paths, if not covered in snow, are frozen hard which means that the dogs don't get in such a mess when we take them out for a walk.

Trust Rodney to choose to come up this weekend when, prior to this, it's been so mild.  Still, it doesn't really matter what the conditions are like outside when you're in front of the fire watching hours and hours of rugby with a bottle of sherry and lots of nibbles does it?!

That's what you get for helping out!
Jane making a large, fresh snowball - heading our way!

For those of you who know my brother, Graham - please spare him a thought tomorrow as he undergoes complicated surgery - all 8 and a half hours worth!  He has been diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer and is having the tumours removed.  Following surgery he will be in Intensive Care and not able to receive visitors until at least Thursday.  Poor, poor Graham.


  1. Hoping all goes well for your brother

    1. Hi Jill & Graham, Thanks for that, fingers crossed, gona be a long hall & ended up about a 11hr. op!!!

  2. Wishing Graham luck, he is sure going to need it.
    Love to you both. When are you off to Staines Ange?