Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Making the most of wheels……

Last Thursday – 1st port of call was Guildford hospital to check up on my brother.

All things considered, he is doing very well.  It’s incredible to think that only thee weeks ago, among other things, his jaw was split in two!  Looking at it now, you would never know.  He’s had lots of stitches removed from:- his jaw, his leg and his wrist and, although he still has a tube in his throat and it remains painful, he can speak a little.  He’s not able to go home yet as he is still unable to swallow and has to feed himself a liquid diet through a tube into his stomach.  (Makes a change from the liquid diet he is so good at administering via his right arm and his throat!!)  Our NHS gets lots of criticism – from what I’ve seen here I have only praise.

From Guildford we made our way to Harlow where we had arranged to spend a long weekend with our friends, Mick & Lynn.  Lynn was working that day but Mick was at home looking after Leo, the youngest (13 months) of their two grandsons.  Mick grandson-minds most Fridays and we hoped that we would at least be able to offer moral support if nothing else.odds and ss 009 (600x800)

What a fabulous little boy Leo is!  They call him ‘man cub’ ……..aahh!  He was SO good, ALL day and coped amazingly well with three crusty/rusty old-timers!  I am ‘well jel’!  T.O.W.I.E. language??!!  (The Only Way Is Essex – I’ve never watched it but am under the impression that the translation is ‘well jealous’).

On Saturday, Lynn came down with THE BUG!!  NOT John’s bug – it was/is her very own bug causing her to have a croaky voice AND swollen, painful glands.  The rest of us – people and dogs – went for a lovely walk around Fisher’s Green (part of the Lee Valley Country Park and accessible by boat) in the warm sunshine  hoping that, if she rested, she would be able to cope with our pre-arranged evening out.  We went to Bishops Stortford where, after eating out, we went to see The Bohemians (a Queen Tribute band).

I have learned to approach tribute bands with an open mind!  This band sang the tracks well, played the music very well and gave an un-reserved, somewhat ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but more than acceptable showy stage performance.  The place was packed, the audience well-engaged and it was a really good evening.

On Sunday Lynn was no better so, after walking the dogs in the woods, we made a hasty exit so our friends could at least have some peace and quiet for the rest of the day.  We came ‘home’ via Hitchin!!  A very good friend of ours now lives there but, disgracefully, we haven’t seen him for four years.  He is SO well!  In fact, he looks better than I think I have ever seen him in over 20 years!  It might be something to do with the fact that he has recently crewed a yacht across the Atlantic ending up in St Lucia.  He gained a good colour, high lights in his hair but lost over a stone in weight!  The photos and footage are fantastic to see – BIG waves so DEFINITELY not for me but the vastness of the ocean, the vastness of the skies, the stars at night and the special wildlife (dolphins, whales, unusual birds) – WOW!

Poor Lynn is now on antibiotic's and has been signed off work for a week.  Take it easy, Lynn, and get well soon.  Thank you both for a lovely (lovely!!) weekend. xxoo

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  1. What can I say, it was great to see you, sorry I was so ill!
    Antibiotics are kicking in today and am feeling a bit brighter.
    Will talk soon, Much love