Thursday, 8 March 2012

Positive Mental Attitude!

It’s not easy is it with so much gloom and doom being reported in the media every day but ……………. the sun is shining and we are one day nearer to leaving the marina and beginning this season’s cruising.

In actual fact, for the last month at least we had hoped for heavy continuous rain!

M for Mental?  In this instance, no, because the water levels on the canals remain in peril (according to the media and tow-path hearsay) as do the levels in the reservoirs.  Boaters are obviously concerned about cruising this year. 

P for Positive I feel sure that some restrictions will have to be put in place – restricted use of locks for example and ensuring that we share locks whenever possible – but I also feel sure that keeping navigation channels open will be of prime importance to those in charge.     

 A for Attitude! For sure too, it will be crucial that we are all patient, understanding and co-operative.  Easier said than done, I know!What a rotten situation for the new Canal & River Trust to be born into!

The Canal & River Todds and ss 004 (800x600)rust? 

The Boating Fraternity know all about this but for those of you ‘land-lubbers’ who don’t – as from April, British Waterways will no longer exist.  Their responsibilities are to be transferred to a new waterways charity called ‘The Canal & River Trust’.

There are going to be Trustees, 13 waterway Partnership Boards around the country, a Council with elected members (4 members elected by boaters) and Advisory groups.  LOTS of change then.

In theory, it should give boaters a better chance to influence how the waterways are run.  We will see – change can often be un-nerving especially when it means that costs of things soar.  As a passing shot B.W. have just increased their charges for electricity and pump-outs by 47%!!

I have recently heard that the place of my birth and up-bringing is now officially ‘Staines-upon-Thames’.  I feel more important already!!  In May 2012 there is to be an official celebration.  By all accounts its going to be a big event – there will be representatives from royalty, (Kate would be good?!), the Government and the City of London.  To all my mates back in Staines (upon-Thames) – I look forward to hearing all about it from you!

Last weekend it was really good to spend time with my friend, Joan (we grew up together!) and Bailey. march 005 (800x600)

How he has grown and what a handsome boy he is!                                              march 004 (800x600)     

My brother, Graham, is doing well but his ‘release’ from hospital keeps getting delayed as his wrist has become infected.

Things are settling down more for Megan in Alicante but ………….. that’s today!! 

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  1. Thanks for coming to see us on Wednesday. Hope we can catch up before we go our separate ways.