Monday, 26 March 2012

Slowly does it.

Is it really March?  In Britain?  The weather is fantastic.  I know all us boaters should be praying for a large delivery of the stuff we float on but ………….we are just making the most of it like everyone else.

Today we have moved on – just a bit – to Hillmorton.  Lots of boats continue to come out of hibernation and boaters are busy washing, polishing, brasso-ing, painting …………. it must be the weather!!  I’m exhausted just watching!  We do have a god reason for going slowly – Maggie has an appointment at the vets on Wednesday.  After that we can get a move on.

On our way today we came across our friends Liz and Dave n/b Horus – they have got themselves a really lovely private mooring at Barby.  We saw it up for sale this time last year and thought how nice it is – quite a bit of well-tended garden adjoining the march 2 016 (800x600)mooring, good road access and plenty of room to park a vehicle (they have a large camper!), their very own shed (I know it’s sad but I have grown to appreciate sheds much more now that we no longer have one!) and a lovely view over open fields.   At the back of them Barby marina is being developed and I know that financial problems have been involved involved but once things are sorted out it looks as though it will be a very nice marina.  Boating services will, therefore, be readily available and, as Dave said, the marina being there adds to their security.  Good for them!  Moorings like this don't come on the market very often.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Out and about walking with dogs, the wildlife has been interesting …………….march 2 009 (800x600)

Alpacas never fail to make me laugh!march 2 013


Maggie failed to spot all the bunnies in the field behind where we were moored!


You have to laugh:  A new, free boating magazine has come into publication.  I think it’s got a really good name – The Tillergraph – as opposed to The Telegraph – clever eh?  Anyway, I really enjoyed an article written by another liveaboard in which he rightfully points out that we need to encourage more younger people onto the cut.  He said,

 “The only place you’ll find more pensioners gathered together is on a bus, waving their free passes.” 

Oh, how I laughed out loud!!  I enjoyed his article in it’s entirety but this bit amused me the most.  John does have his free pass but has yet to use it!  I think I’ll send him off in search of a decent dongle!!

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