Saturday, 31 March 2012

Into Year Six

As incredible as it seems to us, today marks the beginning of our sixth year as liveaboard boaters.  Where have the last five years gone? 
My old mum (fount of old-fashioned words of wisdom) used to say that the older you got the faster time passed!!!!!  How I used to laugh!
When we started this venture I had my sights set on ten years so, that still being the case, we are half way there! 
Even after five years we feel we still have so much to learn and so much left to see and do.
We have met lots of lovely, interesting, like-minded people and seen lovely parts of both rural and industrial Britain we never knew existed.  Yes, there have been challenges and yes, there have been lows as well as highs but ………. regrets?  NoteNote  “Too few to mention .”  NoteNote
Martini glass Here’s to the next five years!  Martini glass


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    1. Thank you. Take care and enjoy that lovely Nene. xxoo

  2. You have obviously found a lovely site that gives you many diferent icons to use. Makes your blogs very pretty!!
    Happy anniversary.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Helps to pass the time!! Hope all goes well with your mum!! xxoo