Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just Like a Couple of Chickens!


hen 2           rooster

No prizes for guessing who the little fat one is!!

Yes!  For the last 5 months we’ve been like caged chickens!  Happy chickens in a very nice ‘cage’ and next Winter we will no doubt be very pleased to return to said ‘cage’ for all the comfort and security it provides.  However, as from today, we have become ‘free-range’ once again - back-yard scratchers no less, able to mooch about when and where the mood takes us …………… within reason!  (and dependent upon water levels!)                                                                    

It didn’t take long for my very own ‘Rooster’ to get back into the mode of posing at the tiller and doing manly things!!

departure 024 (600x800)                           departure 036 (600x800)                        departure 040 (800x600)

Being ‘free-range’ is certainly a more precarious existence but not only does it offer many more opportunities for both physical and mental exercise but also a chance to re-ignite that sense of adventure!!  That sense of freedom!!!                                                                            Of course, we are now also back to monitoring amps and seeking good T.V. and Internet signals when mooring up!

With the re-opening of the Braunston locks after scheduled maintenance work, there has been a surprising number of boats on the move – both private and hire.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to hear that we have not come far - only to Norton junction!

BUT …………. we’re definitely on the way to somewhere:-

departure 019 (600x800)


Descending the staircase locks at Watford.  A queue of boats were waiting to go up.

departure 021 (600x800)

Posh new path along the length of the lock flight.  Some plonker is bound to cock the lock sequence up & wash it all away again!  Tarmac???

departure 026 (600x800)


Now that’s what you call a hair-cut!!                                                                                   .

All that firewood!

Anyway, onward to Braunston tomorrow.


  1. Glad you have escaped! At least you aren't battery hens with no feathers! See you soon enjoy the great outdoors xxxxx

    1. Correct, we have "Amp"le feathers!...... I know, my sence of humour is electric! it's the rest of me that not "Wired" right. Enough, enough......"Watts" happening Monday, back to work or still at "Ohm".OMG say good bye.

  2. Bonkers! maybe a little 'flat' though!Hope you are fully 'plugged' in to canal life now and nothing too 'shocking' out there!
    back to work now, off to Ed Show on Thursday

  3. Not only free-range but 'organic' too? - sounds like you're a 'happy hen' to me! What fab weather to be setting off into the great wide yonder again. Have a great time and hope to see you soon.xx