Friday, 23 March 2012

Billeted in Braunston

Thumbs up   Meg’s car has been safely delivered back to it’s garage.  It was really good to have the use of it over the Winter months.                       

Thumbs up   The dentist is happy – for the time being at least!!

Thumbs up   Thanks to Rodney we have been safely delivered back to Braunston where we have been ‘hanging around’ since Sunday.  I think this is possibly the longest we have stayed out on the cut in any one place!

Thumbs up   Last night we went for dinner to ‘The Boat’ at Braunston – really good meal.  Business was thriving – ‘Two for the price of One’ obviously works.

Thumbs down   Internet connection at Braunston is rubbish!  Couldn’t even send and receive e-mails easily!  (We have now moved on to Willoughby Wharf so that Rodney can get onto our boat for his supper tomorrow night – all very important!!)

Thumbs down   The salvage operation involving the hatch cover on Rodney’s boat has proved to be more complicated than originally anticipated.  It needs to be wooden in order to lessen the weight and the last one had gone badly rotten – it would seem that the paint was at fault allowing moisture to get into the wood.  Anyway, a new cover was cut and partially painted back in Staines (upon-Thames) and John was going to help  fit it  BUT ….  it turned out to be 6” too narrow and 8” too short!!  Off to Homebase then to start again!  So far, no-one has accepted responsibility for the inaccurate measurements!  Now there’s a surprise!  Things are now well underway, however, and, hopefully, with lots of the right sort of paints applied, this slide will last much longer than it’s predecessor.  lambs 005 (800x600)

Thumbs up   The ‘Woolly Jumpers’ in the field opposite have kept us well entertained.  They form gangs amongst themselves, charging about as if  playing ‘It’,  jumping high in the air, practising head-butting and having a thoroughly good time.  We nick-named the two main gangs ‘The Montagues’ and ‘The Capulets’!  These little lambs might be short-lived but they make the most of the time they do have – a lesson for us all there.

Thumbs down  The other woolly jumper – the one I decided I would have a go at knitting myself (due to the “You’re never too old to learn” theory!) is also in need of some degree of salvage!  Part of the pattern is quite holey but ………….. I definitely have holes where there should be no holes!!  My trusty salvage expert (that’s you dear, kind, dependable, skilful Mrs Richardson!) is heading this way!  Something for you to look forward to, Sandra!!!!!!!!!!! xxoolambs 011 (800x600)

Thumbs up   Crochet for the windows is all done and, when one finds they’ve run out of dingle-dangles …..

And, finally, just a couple of interesting sights out and about:-

lambs 008 (800x600)      lambs 010 (800x600)

*Very topical flower container ……  and ……*serious paintwork protection – good idea considering the price it costs to get it done.

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