Saturday, 17 March 2012

Done & Dusted

Three days of upheaval but we now have a Hurricane heating system on board and it’s a serious bit of kit!  The programmer seems very complicated and I’m sure it will take time getting to grips with it.  That poor engine room!!

calcutt 008

Everyone at Calcutt Boats were friendly and efficient.  The part of their marina that was extended seems a nice place to moor – lots of surrounding open ground, reedbeds and trees.

So, we also now have a dismantled Eberspacher packed in a big box taking up space in the back cabin!  Tcalcutt 003here must be someone out there who, like we were, is in need of working replacement parts.  E-Bay perhaps?

Whilst in Calcutt we were confronted with a bit of nostalgia.  17 years ago we hired one of their boats to go down the South Oxford.  The boat was called “Wild Hemlock”.

I wonder if, all these years later, this is her?  At the time we thought she was fan-tas-tic.     

So, the next important thing on the agenda is to get Megan’s car back to Stanwell.  Once we have accomplished that we can begin to make our way up the Coventry towards Fradley Junction.

Following a big meeting of BW officials earlier this week Waterscape has reported restricted passage times on many of the major lock flights.  Large, clear notices of ‘do’s and don’ts’ have been attached to lock beams – all about what to do in order to preserve precious water supplies.  Central and Eastern regions seem to be the worst affected – so far I have not read anything about further North or West – Hatton?  Tardebigge?  Lapworth?  Fradley? for example.

If the Calcutt locks were anything to go by today I think there will be numerous incidents of disharmony (cross words!) over the cruising season!  Operating the flight of 3 locks, (5 boats going up and one down) 2 lockfulls of water were needlessly wasted because we all needed to look further ahead than we normally do and be prepared to wait a little longer than we normally do.

My brother has been discharged from hospital.  Needless to say he is delighted to be home again but also very anxious because he now has the sole responsibility of looking after himself once again and things remain anything but normal!  There are still problems with both his wrist and his shoulder and he has to organise pureed food for himself.  Radiotherapy and chemo treatments begin next week.

Moored up here at Bridge 103, there is a lot of boat movement.

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  1. Glad it is done, that hose looks like a bit of intestine!!
    Hope all goes well going back to Staines, last time for a while!
    Talk soon