Thursday, 29 March 2012

Strange Goings on ……

Last night 8.15pm – distinctly dusk.

The boater moored opposite us proceeded to dismantle his 12 foot high TV aerial, lay it flat on the roof of his boat,  put on his jacket, start up his engine, turn on the front headlamp and …………… head off South!

Later – 11.15pm – distinctly dark!  Very dark!

He went passed us heading North, radio blaring!

What was all that about then?

bull 002 (800x600)

Our impressive neighbour of the previous night had been no problem at all!           

Today  We have been submerged in retail therapy endurance.  Pet stuff, food stuff, drink stuff, D.I.Y. stuff, kitchen stuff, this stuff,  that stuff,…………….. enough stuff!!

Tomorrow our friends Jane & Ron will be travelling back from Lincoln and are going to come and find us for an impromptu visit. We then hope there will be space enough for us to moor for the weekend at Oaks Wood near our friends Lynn & Paul n/b Piston Broke.

I need to recover from all those shops!

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