Monday, 2 April 2012

Adieu ………… for now.

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Having spent a very pleasant weekend moored up behind Lynn & Paul at Oaks Wood, this morning we bade ‘farewell’ and, with a steady stream of other boats,  set off for Hawkesbury Junction. 

I can’t quite decide whether Sapphire was sad to see us go or …. glad to see the back of us?  Bless!  Lovely photo of her anyway.

We left Paul busily preparing for the threatened snow which is apparently falling in Scotland and heading South! 

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   It pays to be cautious now doesn’t it?

We moored up for lunch at Ansty and ………. we’re still here!  Having cleared up the lunch things and gotten myself and the dogs ready to go for a walk, I couldn’t find John!  I expected to find him outside gassing to someone but, no!  I then noticed that the bucket we keep in the cratch area had been emptied of all the toot we normally store in it and was also gone!  Plot thickens!  I looked further afield and there, up the tow path, accompanied by two other boaters was missing hubby.  All three of them were throwing buckets of water at the hedge!             This is why …..

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People on the boat behind us had looked out of their window and seen smoke and flames billowing from the hedge.  Thank goodness they did because with quick thinking and speedy action it was soon under control and extinguished.  Our best guess is that someone passing had inadvertently thrown down a cigarette end.  It just goes to show how easily these things can happen.

Hawkesbury Junction tomorrow then – that is if we’re not iced up and snowed in!!  xxoo

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