Friday, 13 April 2012

Fradley Junction is ………

in the same vein as Braunston – things happen here and, consequently, it’s always full of boats both moored and on the move.
For the ‘landed gentry’ amongst you, Fradley Junction is where the Coventry Canal meets the Trent and Mersey.  East takes you to Stoke and the Potteries and West goes to the River Trent and Nottingham.  There’s an old pub at Fradley called ‘The Swan’.  Apparently, years ago, it was known as ‘The Mucky Duck’!  There are two cafes, a small canal shop and there used to be a BW information centre and shop housed in the old buildings of the once-upon-a-time-maintenance yard.  Sadly, this has been another victim of the current financial climate.  Perhaps, at busy times, this is something that could be manned by C&RT volunteers?  Just an idea.  There’s also a small, well organised nature reserve.  Lots to encourage boaters to stop then.
Yesterday, when we arrived, we were lucky.  We managed to get a spot just opposite the old maintenance yard.
fradley 017 (800x600)                      fradley 006 (800x600)
Before (1963) and after (2012)fradley 025 (800x600)
We managed to catch up with our lovely friends on n/b Kessandra.  They were moored at the bottom of the locks on their way back to their mooring at Shobnall.  We walked down to see them ………….. in a heavy thunderstorm!  Seeing HRH Kenneth, Earl of Rotherham (!!) and his lovely Lady Sandra, alias Lucy, is always great therapy for us.  Thanks to Sandra I am now back on track with the ‘miracle’ knitting project!!  Ken and Sandra are truly ………………………!  Smile

DUCKS!  What an assortment hang around the cafe here!  There is definitely a multi-cultural, many generation feathered community!
      fradley 012 (800x600)      fradley 005 (800x600)
And, talking of ducks,  we are in no doubt about nearing both Derbyshire and Yorkshire.  Twice today I’ve heard one lady say to another -       “All right Ducks?”  Down Souf I suppose we’d say, “OK Love?”!  We’ve also heard rumour of:-
“If thou’ll not shut thy mouth, I’ll deck thee one”!!!!!!
Down Souf – it would probably translate to:-
“Shut yer mouf mate or I might be tempted to shut it for yer.” (This is according to the Captain – I know nothing of such things!)
  Our rich and varied regional, colloquial heritage – isn’t it just special?  Luv it!
AND FINALLY …………. the weather!  Yes, this year the good old English April seems to have come to its senses and get back to normal.  This year we have decided to head for the great River Trent, and so, it is, as I write, in flood!  Typical!!

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  1. Well it all looks lovely, not that those Ducks would be around for long if we were there!
    Mick away in Belgium singing so having a quiet weekend here!
    Talk soon xxxx