Monday, 16 April 2012

Come Share our Day ……

On days like today it’s easy to remind myself just how lucky we are to be doing what we have chosen to do.

Today we are moored up in a lovely spot in the lovely village of Alrewas in Staffordshire - Mealings – I think this is the village you wanted me to find!  I definitely could be tempted to live here!  We attempted to walk to the National Memorial Arboretum but had to give up as we couldn’t safely cross the busy A38.

Alrewas 011  Really nice mooring.     Alrewas 013  Yes please!

We went for a long walk in the Trent Valley instead, returning just in time to put our feet up and watch the coverage of the Chinese Grand Prix.Alrewas 034

Alrewas 042

Some boating friends of ours went to the RSPCA to rescue a dog – they were turned down on the basis that, as they lived on a boat, the dog would not have a garden and – dogs need a garden!

I still can’t get my head round that one!

We really enjoy walking and, to be honest, it’s the dogs that make us explore.  Without them I’m sure we would miss out on lots of this lovely countryside.  Something that really ‘gets our goat’, ‘cheeses us off’, ‘gets us going’ etc is when footpaths are not maintained.  On occasion we have had to give up, turn round and return the way we had gone.  Keeping footpaths open and maintained has become a bit of a Crusade for us!  Our GPRS has earned it’s place on our boat and, if we are able to report any negligence – deliberate or otherwise – we are going to continue to do so!!  SO BE IT!

Alrewas 037 (600x800)

      Alrewas 044                               Alrewas 059

Footpaths?  Where?  They should have been re-instated …………………………………..   like this .

Six miles on and we found a pub!  Result!  ‘imself said I had to drink the bottle of water I had made him carry for me but he did give in and provide me with a pint of proper cider!  Dogs were pooped and had a touch of back-to-back recuperation.  Even allowed in!!

Alrewas 051         Alrewas 053                         

Re-joining the waterway where the canal becomes a river section, we had that cup of coffee which John had also carried around – for nine miles!

Alrewas 068      Alrewas 071

The village of Alrewas – lovely.  The surrounding area – lovely!


  1. The National Memorial Arboretum is well worth a visit. If you can't get across the road on foot, there's a bus from the village.

    1. Thank you for that info, Adam. We've moved on now but, when we go through Alrewas again we'll get the bus! It's somehere I really want to visit.

  2. Beautiful pics, looks lovely, go on move there we would love to come and visit!!!

  3. IS lovely. Give us time. Would want you to come too! xxoo

  4. What a shame about the RSPCA policy being so short sighted and rigid! I have emailed them about this, as I think it is worth airing this view... certainly a dog is missing out on a potential dream life :(