Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Alrewas to Branston Water Park

Leaving the lovely Alrewas and heading east-north-east,(!) boaters have to travel on a section on the River Trent.  It’s very lovely – especially when the sun is shining.

branston 001 (800x600)        branston 002 (800x600)
          Moments like this are magic!                   They weren’t a bit bothered by the boat!

branston 003 (800x600)       branston 004 (800x600)      branston 006 (800x600)
            A tight turn!                          The church at Wychnor               Huge marina at Barton Turns

There are lots of marinas between Fradley and Sawley so, consequently, this is proving to be a busy stretch of canal –  hire boats have been consistently coming out  from Sawley and lots of private boats are out and about too.

We are now moored up next to Branston Water Park which has to be high on our list of ‘best mooring sites’.  Branston is just outside of Burton-on-Trent.  The only thing that spoils it a bit is the constant drone of traffic noise from the nearby, busy A38.

branston 009 (800x600)          branston 007 (800x600)
                 Moored up at Branston Water Park.               The view from our galley window.


  1. Loving the new Lavender background! This all looks so beautiful obviously a good choice this year.
    Your photography gets better every year!!!!!!!!!!!
    Talk soon L xx

    1. Thank you my lovely, most loyal of friends! You know me and shades of purple! Sign of boredom in truth eh? Speak soon xxoo

  2. Replies
    1. Megan! Don't you just love that little calf? Maisie likes her 'garden'! xxoo

  3. That little calf is adorable! Wonderful pic :)