Saturday, 16 June 2012

Boston–Lincolnshire, not Massachusetts

Boston is the sort of place that needs a fair trial before a verdict is reached.  Hearsay can so taint one’s thoughts about somewhere before even reaching it!  Boston is OK!  It’s quite a big place – all sorts of shops, a busy market twice a week, lots of very old cobbled lanes and alleyways, a superb town park and some interesting buildings.  The most impressive building has to be the parish church of St Botolph’s.  This very large church also has an enormous tower – 272 feet high – and this has been nicknamed the Boston Stump.  The name doesn’t do it justice because the architecture is actually very beautiful.

 Gibralter Point 001 (800x600)      Boston 003 (600x800)

It’s also worth walking a bit out of the centre of town to see the Maud Foster windmill – a beautifully preserved five sailed windmill that is still in working order.   Boston 009 (600x800)

Boston is a very old town.  Back in the C13th it was apparently the 2nd busiest trading port in the country and built it’s wealth on wool.  Today it’s all about crop production and, as a result, has attracted a lot of migrant workers.

The visitor mooring here is excellent – there are new finger pontoons (still not quite long enough for n/b’s but OK), it’s all very secure and you can stay for up to 5 days.  It’s only a short walk into the centre of town one way and a large supermarket the other.

Our good friends, Glynis and Don live about 15 miles away so they came to see us and we went off to Gibraltar Point for the day to do a spot of twitching!  Amazingly, it didn’t rain!

Gibralter Point 011      Gibralter Point 016      Gibralter Point 021

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In the evening we went off to sample the menu at The Wheatsheaf Inn at Hubbert’s Bridge on the Forty Foot Drain.  The pub is run by the family of the harbourmaster at Crick Marina.  It was an brilliant menu and the food was very good but to get there from Boston you need a car!     or some very good friends with a car!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So glad you liked Boston, too many people bring down my lovely town.