Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Fossdyke Navigation into Lincoln

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The Fossdyke is an 11 mile canal built by the Romans and, in true Roman style, it’s straight!  For much of the way the banks either side are high and, without sitting up on the roof, you can’t see much of the surrounding countryside. 

Between Torksey (where there are good BW moorings either side of the lock) and Lincoln there are BW mooring places at Saxilby, Woodcocks and the Pyewipe pub.  Despite having bought the latest edition of the relevant Nicholson Guide, this was not clear.LincolnA 030 (600x800)

For such a major city we found the visitor moorings in Lincoln very disappointing.  Judging by the throngs of shoppers in the High Street the city doesn’t need trade from the water!  Doesn’t anybody in Lincoln go to work on Wednesdays?


Lincoln (Lindum Colonia to the Romans) has three main sections.  Never having been here before, we set off to explore and ended up walking 5 miles!  We started off walking up the cobbled Steep Hill to the cathedral and remains of the castle.  There are many old buildings and individual shops on the way.


LincolnA 031 (800x600)           LincolnA 037 (800x600)         LincolnA 038 (800x600)

For sweetoholics ………………………..Chocoholics ……………………………..and alcoholics!!

The cathedral was originally built by the Normans but, having undergone major restoration and alteration over time, is now predominantly medieval.  You just have to marvel at how they were able to build such huge, magnificent, ornate structures all that time ago.

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The castle – or remains of – is near the cathedral and was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. 

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Around the High Street area there are masses of shops plus two large under-cover precincts and an indoor market.  John managed to get himself some new walking boots to replace those that were STOLEN from the front of the boat!  Yes, boaters – beware!  Valuables are not only cameras, phones, purses and wallets but now they also include your BOOTS!!  What makes it worse was that I saw the young **** who did it but didn’t realise until it was far too late.  He got a pair of smelly but outrageously expensive socks too!

The Brayford Pool (where the Fossdyke ends and the River Witham takes over) is now lined with restaurants and bars.  Gone are the old warehouses, wharfs, mills and granaries.  BUT, where can boaters safely moor to sample the delights of these new establishments?  I would have liked to have seen a BW floating pontoon for visiting boaters.  If they can do it in The Bristol Floating Harbour, whLincolnJ 035 (800x600)y not here?

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As you leave the Brayford Pool you go under the famous High Bridge or Glory Hole as it’s called.  For boaters it’s anything but high!  Apparently it’s the oldest bridge in Britain with buildings on the top. 

Emerging on the other side there are mooring rings, a modern millennium sculpture and …. more shops!

Being such a special, famous old bridge, surely a few flower arrangements on the bars are deserved?

We liked Lincoln – it’s interesting, large but manageable and it has a lovely atmosphere.


Anyway, now to the really important but incredibly sad event of today:-

To our dear friend,  Rob Simmonds of n/b  “the Green Manalishi”

May you rest in peace, Rob.  We are devastated at your unfair and untimely death.  Our thoughts are with your family and close friends.  We will always remember you and Megs. xxoo


  1. We were also dissapointed to be unable to moor in Brayford Pool, I e-mailed the Trust which appears to manage the area & the reply I got is below, so next time maybe ??

    With regard to your recent query, regrettably there are no visitor moorings in the Pool at the moment. However both funding and planning permission have been secured to provide new moorings for visitors in the near future.

    In the meantime there are temporary visitor moorings available from BWB on the Fossdyke at the entrance to the Pool

    Becci Linney
    On behalf of Brayford Trust

  2. Hi Angela...I hope you dont mind me replying on may remember that I am a friend of Rob's ...he used to do my garden for me...I havent heard from him for a while although I texted him and from time to time I would see him in Tonbridge...and was a little concerned that I hadnt heard from him ...anyway..I am very shocked and sad to read on your blog that he has passed away...would you know of the circumstances of his untimely passing...? if you prefer could you email me at

    thank you
    Kind regards