Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chaos in the Co-op.

I sent him on a simple errand – to go and get some merlot but he came back covered in claret!

Apparently, he (JRA) inadvertently knocked a bottle of red off an over-stocked (can there be such a thing?) shelf, tried to catch it, failed and ended up slicing his hand open on the broken bottle!

There was a designated 1st Aider but the best she could offer was a load of kitchen roll (probably Co-op’s own) and some of those useless blue plasters – you know, the ones that don’t stick to anything!  A young male assistant went all limp and queasy at the sight of the blood!  Who to deal with first?  John kept a cool head and a firm eye on the other bottles in his basket!!  Good man!

I thought he’d been gone a long time!  I was very ready with needle (sharp) and thread (choice of colours available) but he assured me it wasn’t necessary – red electrical tape was sufficient!

I know how concerned you will all be but really, there is no need to swamp us with phone calls and e-mails about his welfare – he’ll live!


It rained again most of the night.  No doubt, just as we need to return onto the Trent, it will be back in flood.  The lock keeper keeps mentioning lots of ‘fresh’ coming down and between that and the wind it means turning into West Stockwith lock will be all the more difficult!

Good friend Lynn alerted me to a recent very clever/funny/entertaining entry on FB.  For the few of you who have nothing to do with FB it went something along the lines of:-

“Installing British Summer.”  (long wait and lots of horizontal lines)  “Installation failed.  Sorry, Summer is not available in your country at the moment.  Please try again later.”

If only this were not true!


  1. I always knew John couldn't hold his drink!

  2. Damn, Don you pinched my line!!Hopefully this terrible accident isn't his drinking hand.
    Talk soon