Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What’s in a name?

My, oh my!!  The people we are meeting on our travels are certainly educating us about different boating-related terminology!  Not all of it is very kind!
First of all, the type of boat:-
Is it a Cruiser? Plastic? Tupperware? Yoghurt Pot (crunchies easily) Gin-palace or Ocean-Waver?
Is it a widebeam, narrowbeam, barge, tug or working boat?  Ditch Crawler?  River Slug?  Chugga-Chugga?  Crusty?  Scruffy?
Hire Boat?  Private Boat?
No matter what the style or what the vessel is made of, it can always be a ‘Butterfly Boat’ (only goes out on sunny days)  or a ‘Static’ (never goes out whatever the weather.)
Then, based on behaviour, there are us boaters:-
A Floater or A Boater?  A ‘Rodney’ boatman? (technical term as listed in "The Inland Boat Owner's Book" - nothing what-so-ever to do with a certain R.W.Rogers)  A Swampy?
Residential?  Liveaboard?  Continual Cruiser?  Extended Cruiser?  Holiday Cruiser? 
A Fortnightly Freeloader?  Annual Moorer?  Winter Moorer?  Bridge Hopper?
One of the Shiny Boat Brigade or the Grimy Boat Brigade?
ENOUGH!!  No matter what the terminology we’re all in it together and …………… thank goodness we’re not all the same!!
Changing the subject completely:-
Can you believe it????topgun1 008 (800x600)
Today, thrown in the hedge by the side of a lane along which we were walking, was …………… a pair of walking boots!  They were John’s size too!!  Why couldn’t we have found his boots in that way?  I put them neatly together in the hope that their owner would be able to recover them!!  They had initially been discarded 50 yards apart.
We are currently moored at a place called Tattershall Bridge which is very close to RAF Coningsby.  We have been subjected to an intense, impressive and very loud air display at low levels – Tycoons, I think? 
topgun2 032          topgun2 041
We have been very lucky today – unlike other places in poor, battered old Britain we have had no rain and the evening is turning out to be lovely.  We had better make the most of it?  Aren't you glad it’s Summer?!!


  1. You have been thinking too much about bankers !! Thet are Typhoons not tycoons!!

    1. Oh, Alf! I'd like to say that it was a typing error but ............ what a twit I am!! Your comment made us laugh (at me!) so much so thanks for that!! Mind you, I think I'd like to direct one of those aircraft at Mervyn King!

  2. Do you think there is a phantom boot nicker about? Seems odd for a PAIR of boots to be dumped. Couldn't you have adopted them?
    No rain? Huh hardly fair, we are freezing! (and wet)

  3. Couldn't be so lucky as to find John's discarded in the bushes could we? How bizarre was that though!!
    Heavy rain predicted for tonight - we are in Boston - England not USA!!