Wednesday, 22 May 2013


We’re out of the dry dock and back on our mooring!  Smile  Confinement in a marina is one thing but confinement in a dry dock within a marina is …… even worse!  However, as far as dry docks for liveaboards go, Crick must be amongst the best.  At least there’s some natural light, all facilities are at hand, some grass is very close by, you can get TV and Internet reception and there’s no noise or mess like ydry dock 011 (1024x768)ou get when it’s all part of a working boat yard.  I’m still very glad to be out of there though and that it’s over for another two years or so.  That’s the accepted recommendation for boats being blacked.  This time our front anodes needed to be replaced as well but they are the originals so have lasted 15 years!  For non-boaters who know nothing of these – they help to protect the hull from electrolysis.  Boaters talk glibly about ‘this blacking business’ because obviously, they know all about it but again, for non-boaters:-  

dry dock 021 (1024x768)

Every couple of years or so boats need to be taken out of the water – either by being craned out and put ‘on the hard’ or by going into a dry dock which is like being in an empty lock.  You float in and then the ‘plug’ is taken out so that the boat ends up sitting on supports.  The slime and bits of loose paint or rust which inevitably build up under the water line can then be pressure washed off and the hull checked over.  The hull is then re-protected with at least two coats of a bitumen-type paint.                               dry dock 008 (768x1024)


Noel and Carolyn have recently taken over the running of the dry dock at Crick.  They are a lovely couple and have done a really good job for us.  We have also had the bands at the back re-painted.  John has coated all our rope fenders in cuprinol and ………… they are now definitely a shade of ginger!!!!

Whilst we have been in there it’s all been happening outside in readiness for the big boat show which is taking place this weekend.  Marquees have been erected, grass cutting seems to have been non-stop and boats have been arriving either by water or on low-loaders.  There seem to be quite a lot of wide-beams being exhibited this year.  Is this an indication I wonder that more people are choosing to live on boats as house prices are now so high?  Traders are busy delivering their wares.  I met one guy who said he’d been driving backwards and forwards countless times from Middlewich. Surely he just needed to acquire a bigger van??

Now, I know it’s nearly June and it’s ridiculous but ……. we have re-lit the fire!  It’s so cold!!  I’m beginning to think that traditional English Summers really are a thing of the past. Sad smile  The outside of the boat is really dirty again so now we need to get her washed, polished and generally tidied up before our esteemed guests arrive for the weekend.  Sunshine PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you indulge us all and make a significant appearance!  I’m off now to clean windows and sort out plant pots!  xxoo


  1. Beautiful clothes for Allana, such a pretty top and the ruffles on the trousers are gorgeous. Thank you xxxxx

    1. It was the ruffles round the bum that sold it to me!! Do you think such ruffles would suit us too!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo

  2. Jill, Matilda Rose25 May 2013 at 05:27

    I've fallen shamelessly behind with reading, as well as writing, blogs. Just discovered that you are at Crick Marina (don't know why, apart from blacking, or how long). We are at Blisworth the bank holiday weekend and then dropping down to Stoke Bruerne for next weekend. After that we turn and come back up towards Welford for blacking on June 20 something before turning again and heading down the GU to the Thames,

    Will we get to pass/see you?

  3. Noooooooooooooo!! You're going the wrong way!! We are heading North to Liverpool. Just hung around for the Crick show before getting going.
    Thought after the last 14 months you might like a break from rivers!! We love the Thames having said that. We will continue to follow your exploits. We really must try to meet up - Lola wants to meet Mutley and Baxter ......... AND I want to meet Daisy!! Hope all is well with you. xxoo

  4. Noooo - you're going the wrong way. Can't be doing with canals in the summer