Monday, 6 May 2013


Is it something we said?

Is it something we did?

Bank Holiday J 011 (1024x768)

We’ve not been in the marina at this time of year before and there has been a notable exodus of boats.  The car park here is heaving!  It’s really good to see moorers arrive and go out for a cruise or stay and wash, polish and preen their boats.  If the same thing has happened at Yelvertoft marina, and most of them have headed off towards Foxton, it will be chaos out there!

AND ………….. what glorious weather!  It’s a rare and well-deserved thing when us Brits actually get sunshine over a Bank Holiday.  The garden centre at the entrance to the marina has been really busy with people buying plants.

We have been joined for the weekend by Megan, Jeff and Maisie-May.  Maisie has been much more tolerant of Lola this time.  Just as well as she’s going to stay with us while Meg & J go on holiday.  Having the steady company of  another dog will be really good for Lola.  Maisie, however, might not agree!

Bank Holiday 008 (1024x768)

Hard to believe I know but ………………. we’ve been having a problem with our heating system ……………. yes, the new system which was installed just over a year ago!  To be fair it’s not the Hurricane itself – that’s been serviced and is fine but air is somehow getting into the fuel system and causing the heater to billow out white smoke every now and then.  Perhaps that’s why everybody left!  Anyway, the lift pump on the engine is under suspicion because it’s developed a fuel leak and we’ve been told that this is quite likely due to the seals having been deteriorated by the bio fuel which we all now have to use.  We will see.  It’s that old can of worms thing isn’t it?  You open the can to get rid of the worm you know is there and find it’s got company!

Ken!  Gertie!  (Gertie is the little old banger we bought ourselves to use over the winter and we’ve taken lots of teasing about her.)  We took her for a get-ourselves-organised-looking-ahead MOT and she passed with flying colours!  The mechanic said ‘she’s as solid as a rock’ and if she was up for sale, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing!!!!!  There you go then!

Hope everybody else has had a good weekend and long may this sunshine last.  xxoo


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