Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Worth the Walk

If you find yourself cruising along The Leicester Line between Crick and Foxton and enjoy a good walk it’s worth stopping in the vicinity of Bridge 24 and going across the fields to the little village of Winwick – it’s just over a mile.  By car Winwick is only about three miles from Crick and makes Crick with it’s Co-op, Post Office and pubs seem like a veritable metropolis!  No pub or shop in Winwick – just a lovely old church and expensive-looking dwellings.  Good surrounding walks – The Jurassic Way long-distance path passes through it.

Here follows a ‘flavour’ of the area:-

Winwick 002 (1024x768)

The Manor House

Winwick 003 (768x1024)

The Church

Winwick 005 (768x1024)

A special post box for a grand home – Winwick Lodge.

Winwick 006 (1024x768)

Another grand home!

Winwick 009 (1024x768)

Yet another rather special home!

Winwick 008 (768x1024)

Just loved this old gate – makes me think of “The Secret Garden”.

Winwick 010 (768x1024)

A pretty stream runs through the ‘High Street’

Nice walk!  We are now back in the marina and will be here for a while as we have ‘stuff’ to deal with.  Word has it that quite a number of boats are due to come here to moor temporarily until they can get into the new marina which is being developed at Cropedy.  That, due to all the rain we had, is unsurprisingly behind schedule.  What with that, getting “Ellen” blacked and witnessing preparations for the show at the end of May, time should pass quickly.   xxoo

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