Friday, 12 April 2013


We have jobs to do!  Mostly painting jobs!  These painting jobs were scheduled for last year but ……. continual rain put paid to most of them!  People have been known to say to me that now we no longer live in a house, there can’t be much to do in the way of decorating and maintenance.  Not so!  True, we no longer have grass to cut, hedges to trim and walls to paper but there always seems to be something needing to be cleaned, serviced, repaired, replaced or painted!

When jobs need to be done we like to find a mooring spot that has a good bank and is away from other people so that, hopefully, we don’t disturb anyone with either noise or clutter.

We have the time.  We’ve found the place.  BUT ……. today at least, rain has stopped play yet again!  However, canvas covers have been washed and re-proofed, secondary double glazing has been removed and put away (maybe a bit too soon?), cabin lace washed, cupboards cleaned and sorted and the rest of the roof has been scrapped and sanded and is now ready for an undercoat.

Moored at Smeeton Aqueduct                  Smeeton Aqueduct

We are moored at Smeeton Aqueduct and our only neighbours are sheep and cattle.  Well, there could be badgers on the other side of the canal – it looks like an active sett with a well-trodden path but, despite our surveillance at dusk, we have only seen a fox, rabbits and bats.  I can hardly believe that, at our ripe old age and living the life we now do, we have yet to see a live badger!  Very few boats seem to come this way.  When you look at all the surrounding countryside it amazes me that we are only 15 miles from the centre of Leicester.

Lola at least has been entertained exploring those holes!

          And what's in here?                So what's down here?              And down here is ...?

Fingers crossed for a some warm, dry spells at the weekend.  xxoo


  1. No badgers?! I've seen a live badger. But on the other hand, I've hiked, backpacked, camped, you name it - all over the bloody US and I have yet to see a black bear (or any other color of bear) in the wild!

    I must get caught up, I need to find out who Lola is!

  2. Fingers crossed it could all be starting!!!
    Very excited will keep you informed xxx