Monday, 8 April 2013

The Amazing Delivery of the Long Distance Take-Away

What dedicated friendship!

Travelling for 2 hours and covering a distance of about 100 miles, a Take-Away-with-a-Difference was delivered by our friends Gill and Chris to n/b “Ellen” moored up at Foxton Village.  They came to see us and brought a fully prepared-by-Gill Sunday lunch with them – dinner, pud and wine!  There wasn’t even a delivery charge!!  Now that’s what I call real friendship!!

Gill and Chris come with dinner!

It was a bit of an impromptu visit by Chris and a nice surprise for us. She now lives with hubbie, Ray, in Cypress so we no longer get to see them as often as we would like.  However, Chris is over here for a short while on ‘mother-in-law-business’ and was able to hitch a ride with Gill.  It was really good to see her for the first time in nearly 3 years.  Said Mother-in-law is reaching the amazing age of 98 in May so hopefully, when they come over to celebrate that, we might get to see them together.

Thank you for all your efforts, Gill.  It was good to see you too and really appreciated.  We’ll do our best to make it up to you when you spend some time with us on board in August. 

We are discovering several different footpaths and bridleways in and around Foxton all making for some really good dog walking puppy-bounding opportunities.  This morning we went across the fields to Debdale Wharf.  Coming back along the towpath the horizontal reeds, which looked like solid ground to a certain little puppy, gave way under her weight and …… this time her head went under!!  Live and learn, Lola.  Live and learn!  We’ve also discovered another pub in the village called The Shoulder of Mutton.  As well as the usual, it advertises Chinese take-aways and B & B.  Next time then, if there is a next time here, we’ll provide the take-away!



  1. Wow, that bridge is getting a lot of use. A B & B you say, now that could be useful!!!

  2. Foxton, eh?

    Been there!