Saturday, 27 April 2013

What T****R threw this here?

Washing machine 017 (1024x768)

So, how did this old washing machine come to be discarded here – in the hedge just North of Bridge 24 (a farmer’s bridge) on the Leicester Line?

Did a non-boater take the time and trouble to drive all the way over the farmer’s field to chuck it in the hedge?

Did a non-boater lug it all the way along the tow path from the road at Bridge 28 to chuck it down the bank at this carefully selected spot?

We can only surmise but ………….I THINK NOT!

Surely this has to be the work, transgression, nay, crime of a fellow boater?  It’s just this sort of thing that gets boaters a bad name. 



Litter is one thing – at least it’s not too difficult to pick that up but this?  Just how long will it be here for?  How long has it been here already?  It’s not the right thing to do but surely leaving it at some Biffa bins would be better than this.  At least, there, a scrap man might see/hear of it and collect it.  We’ve seen discarded cassette loos before – definitely down to boaters, we’ve seen discarded TV’s – could be anyone, we’ve seen discarded fridges – who knows - and now this – SHAME ON YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!

Talk about taking the easy way out!  Whoever tossed this old machine in the hedge is clearly a right T****R!  They are irresponsible, selfish, have absolutely no respect for the environment in which they presumably spend a lot of their time and obviously no conscience either.

SHAME ON THEM WHOEVER THEY ARE!  Thank goodness boaters like this are way in the minority.

Here endeth today’s rant!  xxoo


  1. A justified rant if ever there was one!

    1. Thanks, Lesley. One for your list of 'hates' - if it's not on there already. xxoo

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    1. Yes! We never see them do it though, do we? xxoo

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    1. You care about me sooooooooo much! Luv u!! xxoo

  4. Jill, Matilda Rose28 April 2013 at 12:03

    Yeah, but does it work?

    1. Only for squatter rodents! Some use then I suppose! The Nene and its surrounding countryside is looking lovely on your return journey. So pleased that you will be able to retain good thoughts and feelings about it. You really KNEW about working cocker spaniels didn't you?!!!! We are leaning fast!! xxoo

  5. I'm afraid you all may have missed the point. True, it could be the work of a total W****R, but it could just as easily be the final and desperate act of a husband who's wife refuses to change her ways and insists on using to many BLOODY AMPS!!! If a vacuum cleaner was found close by, I rest my case.
    What's wrong with carpet beaters and wash boards. Women have it far too easy these days...
    Having said that, its probably just as well I'm in Cornwall and not on the cut. So husbands, if you find no breakfast tomorrow and the boat abandoned by your other half, it probably means there's probably a band of enraged females headed for the Tamar. Meanwhile, I'm hiding down a tin mine....

    1. Make it a deep tin mine my little blob of clotted cream! Angry boat women are a determined bunch! Carpet beaters and wash boards can definitely be for the men!! I have both and, if you're a really good boy, I'll let you use them next time you visit!! xxoo