Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fab-u-lous Foxton

Whenever we’ve come to Foxton it’s never failed to impress us.  There’s always lots going on - lots to see and lots to do.  The whole area is so well maintained and the surrounding scenery is just fab-u-lous.  It has got to be high on the list of the ‘Must See’ places on the system for all canal enthusiasts.

When we arrived at the top of the locks on Sunday afternoon there were already lots of moored boats – we just managed to squeeze on the end by the road bridge.  Several trade boats were established tempting the numerous passers-by with their wares – painted canal ware, antiques and collectibles, confectionary and pottery mugs.  Not everyone would agree I know but I quite like seeing the variety of trading boats out and about as I think they add interest for visitors and boaters alike.  Hire boats were also out in force – we saw boats from Calcutt, Wyvern, Canal Time, Viking Afloat and Anglo-Welsh – all going to prove just how popular the cruise is to and from Market Harborough.

Mick & Lynn joined us on Monday and they too really liked the area.  Tuesday morning, making the most of the victims help on board, we got in the queue to go down the locks.  It was very busy with boats going up and down and we had a bit of a wait.

photo (768x1024)

bridge 61 001 (768x1024)

Once at the bottom it didn’t take long before we found ourselves back in Bridge 61!  The boys said the beer called “Inclined Plane” was very quaffable and, to all cider fans out there, I can recommend “Rosie”.  PROPER cider! Apparently they won’t sell more than 2 pints of it to the same person in one session!

It’s been a really good day.  The weather, despite the cold wind, has been dry and bright, the company fab-u-lous and Lola has been able to begin learning some social skills with both humans and other dogs.  Taking her out for a walk takes ages as anyone who likes dogs just can’t resist fussing a puppy.  John is making the most of all the attention he is currently getting from the ladies!  That’s not the only attention he got today – the lock keeper threatened to jump on board and kiss him on account of him being the only skipper amongst many who steered into the centre lock without hitting the entrance! 

Practise puckering up, John, in readiness for the return journey!   Mick & Lynn – thanks for a lovely time; see you in June. xxoo


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose2 April 2013 at 15:11

    Thank goodness you didn't let John on the Old Rosie - I think my husband was responsible for them dropping the limit from 3 pints per person per session down to 2....I still have occasional nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. John N/B Ellen4 April 2013 at 02:00

      Spoil Sport!

  2. We had a wonderful time, thank you. Have put all the pics on Facebook.
    Sofas arrived about an hour ago, ever so smart!!!
    Looking forward to our next trip. See you in June!!!

  3. I really enjoyed helping to lock boats through at Foxton. Really an interesting experience that you certainly won't ever get over here!