Friday, 17 May 2013

Two Steps Forward and ………………. No Steps Back!!

No doubt I’ll regret saying that but, uncharacteristically for us, things seem to be working out fairly smoothly.

When we came back into the marina we had what seemed to be quite a daunting list of ‘things to get sorted’ and, bit by bit, getting sorted they are!  Main things:-

*The problem we were having with the heater did indeed seem to be due to the leak in the lift pump.  The seals were perished but Dave of DR Marine has been great and has sorted it all out for us.  High recommendations for him if you are in the area needing mechanical help.

*John has been busy re-varnishing some of the woodwork in the boat.  She’s now 15 years old and the woodwork is in need of being freshened up!

*We’ve been back to Staines to have two more trips to the tip and do a day’s gardening and it didn’t rain!

*Rodney and Gill came up for a visit and Gill brought up her carpet cleaner for me to borrow so ……… all the carpets on the boat have been cleaned.  The dirty water!  For one with a self-confessed OCD about carpets, I felt such shame!!  Sunday lunch in the Red Lion was as good as always.

*Last weekend our friends Gary and Joan came for the day – their two dogs + Maisie and Lola  = a pack!  Bailey didn’t take to Lola very well but their younger dog, Poppy, was well up for a rough and tumble.  Maisie and Lola are getting along much better together… Maisie is more tolerant and Lola more respectful of age and experience!  Lola is rapidly losing her baby teeth now and getting her adult teeth.  No wonder they hurt if she nips you!

teeth 003 (1024x768)         teeth 006 (1024x768)      teeth 005 (1024x768)

*Here in the marina things are starting to happen!  Boats are being moved around and all gaps are being filled at our end of the marina in order to empty the other end ready for show boats to arrive.  One exhibitor is bringing 7 boats!  It seems to be organised chaos!  Plans change on a daily basis!  We are due to go into the dry dock for blacking later today and will be coming out on Wednesday.  It now seems that we will be coming back to our usual mooring but we will see!  (That’s plan P!!)  Today there’s a team of workers busy laying roadways in the field for the car parking.  No doubt things will get busier and busier over the next few days.  It will be interesting just to sit back and see how it all comes together!  We haven’t been to the show for the last few years and have never been  moorers here whilst it’s been taking place so we’re looking forward to it.  We just need some sunshine!!!!

One last thing – today Al of n/b “Derwent 6” is another year older!  Happy birthday, Al.  Just remember – to us you are simply ‘a whipper-snapper’!! xxoo

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  1. Looks like Lola enjoyed the pack vibe! Those teeth... ouch!