Monday, 27 May 2013

That ‘ul Teach Us!

We thought we’d be clever and leave Crick today rather than tomorrow.  “They’ll be less boats on the move,” we thought!  We arrived at the top of the Watford Flight at 10.30am to find 5 boats going down, 6 boats waiting to come up and then we would be 5th in the next batch waiting to go down!!   waiting….. and waiting …. and waiting!!!!  Oh well, that ‘ul teach us to go cruising on a Bank Holiday Monday!  We eventually got going just after 1pm.

The Crick Show 2013

The show 027 (1024x768)

Being moored in the marina whilst the show is taking place is definitely the way to ‘do’ the show.  It’s been really nice being able to drop in and out and what a good show it’s been.  The weather has been lovely and it seems to me that there have been more stalls and exhibiting boat builders than I remember there being in previous shows.  We have really enjoyed it.  We didn’t have a shopping list as such this year but we’ve somehow managed to buy lots of things!   John now has an old klaxon – something he has yearned for ever since we got the boat!!  Some of the craft items were fabulous – there were lovely pictures, some fantastic glass plates and ornaments and brilliant pictures made up of bits of tile, old bobbins etc etc.  Some people are so creative and so clever.  The live entertainment going on in the beer tent was constant, varied and very good.  Bands were playing right up until 11pm and the tent was heaving – really nice for moorers, exhibitors, campers and locals.  Actually, the whole place seemed to be heaving throughout the two days we were there – heaving with people and heaving wThe show 010 (768x1024)ith dogs too!  We’ve never seen so many boats moored out on the canal opposite the marina either.

Lola coped much better with the crowds and noise than we had anticipated. The red boat-dog scarf suited her better than the blue!  She was even recognised by a blog reader so, thank you, Neil, for introducing yourself to us.  It was also really good to bump into Ann and Pete whom we first met on the Buckby flight some years ago when they had just bought their boat Tortola from Braunston marina.

Our friends from Hitchin – Kim and Mark – joined us on the Saturday and then, later in the afternoon Anne and John from Staines arrived too.  We all went to the Red Lion in Crick for a meal that evening and , guess what, it was heaving!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, a large part of the weekend has been spent queuing!  Queuing for alcohol!  Queuing to look at boats!  Queuing for food!  And now, queuing for locks!!  Oh well!

The show 004 (1024x768)

Anne and John stayed on the boat with us for both Saturday and Sunday nights.  We went round the show together on the Sunday and then on the Monday they came with us as far as Braunston.  In preparation, we moved their car to Braunston on the Sunday evening.  So, like the faithful, loyal friends they are,  they kept us company in the lock queues!!  We finally reached Braunston at about 6pm and John (bless ‘im) cooked us that brunch we had planned to have earlier in the day!  We have had a truly lovely weekend – our thanks to one and all.  Maisie has now been safely returned to Stanwell and her mum.  Lola will miss her!!  So, what now?  It’s off to Liverpool for us!  xxoo


  1. I thought that was you this morning. You were going under the scaffolding bridge as we crossed it to go to the show. Briar Rose was moored right by the bridge -- just behind the boat in your photo. We got to Watford locks about 4.30 and the were just two boatsbwaiting in front of us, so we didn't have to wait long a all. It's all in e luck of timing!

    1. Hi Adam,
      I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. When we left Watford locks we thought there would be queues all day!! We'll keep our eyes out for you on the cut. xxoo

  2. Thanks for making our nice day, even better!!! It was 'good fortune' that we met at the same time as we were on our way back from an organised viewing to see you at 'towpath corner' and I almost fell at the hurdle when I saw you your faces!!!
    Anne and Pete Jones, nb Tortola

    1. It was really good to see you guys again after all this time too. Next time we come up/down the GU we really MUST have that drink together!! Enjoy Spain. xxoo

  3. how do I get off being anonymous? all help welcome, as a follower of nb ellen, and have tried to get things published but to no joy!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      I always choose to click on 'name/URL' and type in 'Angela'. Then you have to type in letters/numbers given to prove you are not a robot! Thank you for following anyway! I know it can be frustrating - other people have found it tricky too so you are not alone. Only I can publish anything on my site. Other people can only leave comments. xxoo

  4. It was great to meet you, enjoy your trip to Liverpool.


  5. Thanks Neal - it was good to meet you too. Just because we need to get a bit of a move on, the rain is back with a vengeance!! xxoo

  6. Hi Ange - lovely weekend, wonderful to catch up again and hope your trip up the country is going well.

    Hi Neal (AKA Anonymous) - I select 'google account' from the 'comment as' drop down menu and have found this works well and quite easily. Obviously this will be no help whatsoever if you do not have a googlemail email which case....sorry, I have no ideas!!