Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Access to Wheels ……

The Claytons are here!  They are safely ensconced in one of the cottages next to The Holly Bush Inn and all is working out well.  The pub is good – good food, good ale, dog friendly and be-decked with REAL flowers(!), the cottage is well situated, there are good moorings close-at-hand for us – some above, some beside and some just past and the area is really pretty with masses of walking opportunities which is what we like to do the most.  The only downside at the moment is the weather – it’s turned quite cold and showery.

Yesterday we went to The Roaches – those weird shaped rocks of millstone which form a ridge above the moorland.  The rocks themselves are very popular with climbers.  What a fabulous area of outstanding natural beauty!  We were expecting a tough climb:-

The Roaches 019 (768x1024)

Ready for ‘the off’!

The Roaches 021

Going up …..

The Roaches 020 (1024x768)

And up …………….

Leek Branch & Roaches 019 (1024x768)

to the top.

What magnificent views …………


The Roaches 022 (1024x768)           

                                                                            Leek Branch & Roaches 011 (1024x768)

And then the Heavens opened and …………

The Roaches 026 (1024x768)

we all got soaked!

Back to the car and to the nearby Tittesworth Reservoir for a chilly picnic complete with posh tablecloth, napkins, beers and a gin & tonic for me!

Leek Branch & Roaches 025

Later, a chilly barbecue was enjoyed in the little courtyard at the back of the cottage.  A lovely day.  Thumbs up to the British Countryside….. British weather?  Well, no great surprises there but it could be worse and we’re made of tough stuff!        xxoo


  1. If it's the cottage right next door to the pub, we stayed there for a week some years ago when we still had a share in an Ownerships boat, and we had a weeks holiday but couldn't get time on the boat. Very comfortable it was too.
    Pip & Roger

  2. The last two cottages in the terrace - nos 5 & 6 are now holiday cottages and its no 5. Perfect location though - we can moor up right outside. The whole area is just so lovely. I love GB!! xxoo

  3. I love that the last time I was there, everyone kept apologizing for the weather. I thought it was divine!