Friday, 9 August 2013

The Caldon Canal–Part 2

The Leek Branch.

We’ve limped our way to Leek!  In actual fact that’s not true – we’re quite a way from Leek having stopped at the entrance to the short tunnel.  ALeek branch 003 (768x1024)fter this there’s about another 1/2 mile in water and then about another mile into the centre of the town.  The cLeek branch 006 (768x1024)anal used to go as far as a wharf in Leek but this was filled in during the 60’s and has since been built upon.

                        “Billy-no-Mates” -moored at the tunnel entrance.Leek branch 019 (1024x768)

The Leek Branch is:-  short, shallow but incredibly scenic.

We don’t think it’s short of water – it’s just in dire need of being dredged.  At times I think we were limping along at about a mile an hour. Since we’ve been here, only three boats have gone through the tunnel and  two of them have turned around and gone straight back again!  Not busy then!  We’re not short of neighbours providing some degree of entertainment however -

Leek branch 023 (1024x768)

We went for a walk and found the Ladderedge Country Park.  There are several way-marked trails and some of the views over the Churnet Valley and on towards The Peak District were stunning.

Leek branch 016 (1024x768)I think this rocky outcrop might be called The Roaches – if it is, it’s on our agenda for next week!                             

                   Leek branch 014 (1024x768)  Looking towards the town of Leek.

Last time we were here we walked into Leek and thought it a very nice little town. 

Tomorrow?  We’ll be limping back to Hazlehurst Junction and awaiting the arrival of our pals.  Really looking forward to spending the week with them – just need the weather to stay relatively dry!


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose9 August 2013 at 13:30

    We stayed in that spot for awhile one winter with (the then) Caxtons and Lesley and I walked our socks off from there - I bet it's sensational in the summer.
    PS G wants to know why Gill hasn't turned up in THE French outfit - he's in a terrible palaver

  2. I didn't get to "do" a tunnel with Toad and Harpic. I think that would be cool. The countryside is BEAUTIFUL!!!