Thursday, 15 August 2013

Up Hill & Down Dale

The Claytons + The Allebones = excess!

  • Excess of physical exercise!  We have been walking our little socks off!  The scenery has been amazing and it’s all been pretty fantastic!
  • Excess of food – again, pretty fantastic.
  • Excess of alcohol – pretty fantastic but ……………. all rather hazy!

Seriously though, this week we have, in some way or another, experienced all or part of:-

  • Dovedale which, as could only be expected, was far too full of people but beautiful nevertheless.  We did see one dipper which pleased me at least.

                          Walking in Dovedale          Up hill & down dale with Angela 006  Lovers’Leap – Don’t do it!!


  • Mill Dale – two really nice properties up for sale here?  Just look at the view!!

up hill & down dale with John 015 (1024x768)      IMG_1862 (640x480)      Rosie needed help


  • Wolfscote Dale – still partly following The River Dove but far less crowded.

Wolfscotedale            up hill & down dale with John 061            Lola has some friends!

  • Biggin Dale – excellent pub called The Waterloo Inn here.  They had an attached touring site for caravans and motor homes.  NB Gary & Joan.
  • The Manifold Valley
  • The Tissington Trail

“Damn fine walks”, pronounced Lynn!  These were all thanks to ‘my Michael’ who had come prepared and was equipped with the “AA 50 Walks in The Peak District” publication.

IMG_1879 (640x480)

On the Wednesday we felt we needed a bit of an easier day so we went to The Black Lion at Consall Forge.  Peppa Pig and her friend George were making a celebratory appearance so the place was heaving and we had to QUEUE for drinks and to order lunch.  Who ARE these characters?  By the time lunch arrived it was nearly tea time!  We ended up having supper rather than dinner!

Barbecues in the rain?  A Clayton/Allebone speciality!  IMG_1910



  1. We had the most SPLENDID week. The adventure yesterday not withstanding. The walking was truly memorable as was the company. My liver needs to dry out and our dogs need to get their legs back. All in all a brilliant week xxxxxx

  2. Lola missing girlies already! 15 mins after you left i was stung by wasp!! Only other side of bridge in case we needed ambulance .......but ........... ok!! Now!!
    Lovely, lovely time. Rotten rainy, cold day today but ........... who cares?!! xxoo

  3. Poor you, wretched wasps I hope you stamped on it! Glad you didn't have a bad reaction though! Girls have been asleep all day so far, knackered!
    Dull here but not raining