Friday, 13 September 2013

D.O.B. 15th September 1953


Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60!

How CAN this be happening to ME?

My mind says I’m still in my 30’s

If only my body would agree!

When just a babe and a youngster,

All thanks to my dear mum and dad,

I suffered no hardship or sadness

A safe, happy childhood I had.

circa 6 months old      cica aged 2 years


Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60

I can’t even get a bus pass,

And as for the elusive state pension

Well, the timescale for THAT now’s a farce!

Growing up was a time full of excitement,

At school I tried as hard as I could,

I had lots of friends, we did lots of things

I remember it all being good

MatArnold D (2)


Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60

My eyesight is bound to get worse,

I’ve already got some aches and pains

Old age is simply a curse

In my 20’s and 30’s I towed the line,

A wedding, a family and a full time job.

I got better at jugglin’, at times I was strugglin’

But it helped to earn a few bob!

DSC03920 (428x640)          DSC03928 (640x526)


Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60

My memory will fade even more!

Even now I embark on a mission

But soon forget what it’s for!

When I turned 40 I was full of despair

It signalled the end of my prime,

If I had known then what I know now

I’d have made more use of that time.

                                                                                Ange' The Witch - Copy

      raising a family                                                                                     

Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60

60 is SERIOUSLY old!

That’s why they allow you free eye tests

And prescriptions ……………… or so I’m told.

My 50’s they brought on a crisis

We decided to leave the rat race,

We bought a boat and began living afloat

Now life is a much slower pace.

IF 44 002 (640x480)            Ange's Leaving Do 015 (640x480)

   Ange steering-Derek N. (640x480)           Chirk Aqueduct

Oh, s**t I don’t want to be 60

But it’s something I’ve just got to face,

So I’ll do what everyone tells me

And meet it with a modicum of grace.

Well, I’ve given up smoking and put on some pounds

But, hey, my hair is still blonde, not grey,

I’ve very few wrinkles and feel fairly fit

So, you- know-what, Ange? ………………. HAPPY   BIRTH  DAY!!

me in the peak district (480x640)



  1. Happy Birthday Ange, hope you had a great day, sorry we haven't caught up with you both this year. Best Wishes James and Doug x

    1. There's still a CHANCE!!!!!!! Might you be coming through Crick when all the work on the boat is done? Lola wants to meet you!!!! xxoo

  2. Lovely post...I will be following you next year and can't believe it either.. What a great life we enjoy though, here's to boating!

    1. Thanks, Lesley. We do have a pretty good time don't we? We follow your exploits too. xxoo

  3. Jill, Matilda Rose13 September 2013 at 13:17

    Happy birthday Angela (I'm only 6 months behind you and perleease don't get me going re my state pension). There are an awful lot of people out there who wish they were living your life - you look great and you are great and, just every so often, you can pull the 'old lady' card when you need to - sometimes it's nice to have something done for you. I'm very glad not to have the responsibilities I had when I was 40, so JUST ENJOY!!

  4. Thanks Jill. Thought you were MUCH younger than me! Have been following Baxter's plight - DO hope he's ok and getting better by the day. Any thoughts as to where you will be over the winter?
    Re the old lady bit - Megan, our daughter, told me to do just that when i bought a blu tooth dvd and hadn't a clue what it was all about!!!! The card worked a treat!! Re state pension, those of us born 53/4 have been caught at the worse possible time. That extra money would have made a big difference! xxoo

  5. And just think my little poppet, 10 years from now you'll be 70!! Think about that...

    1. REALLY liked the card you sent me my little blob of Cornish loveliness! You just keep enjoying your own dotage!! Speak soon. xxoo

  6. Well here I am still in my 50's!!!! really Ange have a wonderful birthday talk next week. Great poem btw xxxxxxx

    1. Yesssssssssssssss!! 50's!! What were they??? It's having such young friends like you that keeps me in touch with reality!!!!!! xxoo

  7. HAVE A LOVELY BIRTHDAY ANGE I THOUGHT 60 WAS THE NEW 40!!!!!!!! love from usxxx

    1. I do hope so! All the best in your new home. Let us have the address. Didn't think you operated your blog site anymore? So, how is A still leaving messages? xxoo Aircraft flyover sounded exciting by the way.

  8. Jill, Matilda Rose15 September 2013 at 01:19

    Today's the day. Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday dear Angela, happy Birthday to you.
    Be very glad that I don't have your 'phone number or you'd have to listen to me singing
    Love from us both

  9. Jill, Matilda Rose15 September 2013 at 01:23

    PS Sort of in reach of Northampton - G's kids and grand kids due to leaving for France in spring. Top of South Oxon Blisworth/ Grand Union - Nene if the rain is kind. How about you - it would be sooo nice to have a proper get together before we leave?

    1. That's what i was thinking too. We'll be in the marina but we have a little ol' banger of a car so if you are in the Blisworth area we'll get in touch. xxoo

  10. Happy Birthday Angela! Hope you had a great birthday weekend! Lovely post, and I LOVED the photos - as you can imagine! :) Don't worry about being 60 - You don't stop playing when you get old - You get old when you stop playing! Hope to eventually get to see you both again. Take care! Aaron. xx

    1. Aaron my little Spanish-living bundle of joy! So glad you liked the photos - 'imself was not too happy with me though!!! Again!!!! J & me will never actually fully grow up no matter what it says on the birthday cards!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did have a lovely weekend. xxoo

  11. Great post... and Ben's Pat Sharpe hair-do's are testimony that getting older isn't always such a bad thing hehe xx

    1. Haha, very true Megan. I think it was more Michael Knight than Pat Sharp though :)

  12. Who's Pat Sharpe?????? B was always so particular about his hair!! Thank you for organizing that lovely weekend for me. xxoo

  13. Oh S**t, Happy Birthday Ange....was thinking of you on Sunday! Seriously, you don't look anywhere near 60, without a doubt two 30 year old's rolled into one lol! Enjoy, and will have a belated booze up (whoops celebration) over the winter. Lots of love xxx

  14. Will look forward to that! Have been following your exploits. Thanks for the inspiration. Take care and hopefully we will see you soon. xxoo

  15. You're not old, you're BETTER! Happy birthday again! (I'm going backwards!)