Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Well, the day has come and gone and …I’ve survived!  In actual fact, I’m absolutely no different whatsoever!  Well, that’s a bit of a lie really because I am now an officially spoilt old lady!

reaching 60 027

On Saturday, Ben, Megan & J came to find us where we were moored at Stoke Golding on The Ashby.  They stayed over night and Ben slept cocooned on the floor of the back cabin!  (Not too much sympathy need be administered, Aaron, because after all, he is still young, fit and nubile is he not?????)  For Sunday, Megan had booked lunch at The White Swan which is within easy walking distance from the moorings.  I knew that Gill & Rodney were coming to join us but, surprise, surprise – Anne and John Elliot turned up too!  Mr Elliot, true to form, came equipped with a large cool box, champagne flutes and bottles of the bubbly stuff to put in them!  Ben had already given me a really nice personalised champagne flute as part of my present from him so it was put to immediate use!!  My John had bedecked the boat with banners and balloons so nothing was subtle about the occasion! 

When we eventually got to the pub there were more surprises – my friends Gary & Joan and Rosa & Richard were there!

 blog book 001meg and cakereaching 60 017

I was thoroughly spoilt with cards, messages from those who could not be there and presents – everything a girl could wish for – jewellery, perfume, flowers, a very special picture, a lovely paper weight, clothes, music, poetry, scented candles and …………….. Megan has condensed 5 years worth of my blog into a proper 60 page publication!!  She now knows it even better than I do myself!  The candle holders on the cake said ‘Don’t Ask’ – OK, I had been ‘banging on about it’!!! (Her words, not mine!)

I had a really lovely day.  Material ‘stuff’ is always nice to have but we all know that nothing can compare to the love and friendship of those nearest and dearest to you.  Thank you, guys – I luvvvvvv you all loads. xxoo

So, now life goes on as usual – the sky has not fallen down and the weather has been no where near as bad as the forecast led us to believe – trees are still standing!  On Monday we went for a really nice walk around the area where The Battle of Bosworth  is believed to have taken place.  The site is very well cared for and there are informative displays along a trail explaining the whats, whys and wherefores of it all.

On Tuesday we moved on to the visitor moorings at Market Bosworth.  All the building activity going on behind the moorings – is this for a new marina I wonder?  The Ashby Canal is notoriously shallow and the advice is to keep to the middle channel and choose moorings judiciously!  RIGHT!!  Sometimes desperation out-weighs choice!

reaching 60 007

We followed footpaths across the fields as a way to the lovely little town of Market Bosworth – only a few young cows to fend off in one of the fields.  This was a much nicer alternative to walking along the main road.  It was market day!  There were all of about 6 stalls but the fruit and veg stall was very good.  It is a bit of a hike to the town whichever way you go but well worth it because it’s such a pretty little place.

We are now moored all by ourselves in a really quite little spot on the outskirts of Congerstone.  All we can hear is the rustling of reeds!!  Ahhh! 


  1. See not as bad as you feared and lots if people who love you. Almost worth being 60 for xxxx

  2. Wouldn't have missed your turning decade my lovely!! Glad you find life just as much fun now the stress of a big birthday looming is over. Hope to see you soon. Anne & John xxx

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You sure don't look 60! My oh my!