Sunday, 29 September 2013

What a difference a day makes …….

Less than 24 little hours …………..

Thursday 26th September pm

Here I was, running, jumping and having a lovely time alongside The Brownsover Arm near Rugby -

broken leg 018

broken leg 027

broken leg 017

I love running and jumping and I’m good at it.

Or so I thought ………………….

Friday 27th September am:-

Early in the morning I jumped up onto the bed, like I always do – showing off with Mr Rabbit and – I slipped, fell and …………….. seriously hurt myself.  I now have a double fracture in my back leg. 

broken leg 030

Yes, I’m feeling VERY sorry for myself.  This colourful creation will be removed tomorrow and I have to have an operation to pin the breaks in my leg.  Then, there will be no more running and jumping for at least 8 weeks.  Fortunately they are clean breaks and Hugh, the vet, says they should heel well and not cause me any problem in the future.

To make matters even worse ……………. I was going to the seaside in 2 weeks time and I was SO looking forward to running and digging on the beach and in the dunes.  I haven’t done things by halves have I?

Mum is thinking about putting a card in the local Post Office advertising dad as an Odd-Job Man ……….. no job too small.  I think it might have something to do with paying my medical expenses?  I didn’t do it on purpose ……. it was just a momentary lapse of concentration.

Wish me luck for tomorrow ………………

Lola xx


  1. Best of luck Lola, what a silly - and expensive - girl you are. How did you manage to do quite so much damage just jumping on the bed? (Am I really writing to a dog??)
    Best wishes for your op and see you as we come through Crick next month.

    1. Thank you, Lesley, for your best wishes. I'm feeling really sorry for myself at the moment. I'm hoping that pins in my leg will be more comfortable than this blue concrete wellie! Looking forward to meeting you and Floyd and Fletcher - catching me now will be easy!! I'm a very clever little puppy being able to write and spell. Whilst I am being kept calm and still during my recovery (!!!!!!!!) mum plans to teach me to read!! PS Won't be here w/b 12th Oct and just had the compressor on the Hurricaine changed under warranty so dad now much happier!

  2. Ouch!!!!! for Lola and for your wallet....xxxx

    1. Di-sas-ter!!!! She thought she was invinsible! It could only happen to us!! Hope you are both well. xxoo

  3. Jill, Matilda Rose29 September 2013 at 11:08

    So she jumped on the bed! That's what dogs (and Daisy) do - you don't break your leg - let alone in two places. I think these modern day pups are getting a bit soft!!!
    So, so sorry: hope she heals well and quickly. Looking forward to seeing you all over winter: poor baby xx

    1. It could only happen to us/her!! We thought she could bounce off everything and she thought she was invincible! She's having her op right now. My poor baby!!!!!! Vet said we've got to keep her calm for 8-12 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to catching up with you too. xxoo

  4. OMG poor Lola and poor you, how are you going to keep her still? Drugs? Will ring later xx

    1. DISASTER!! So much for our walking week!! xxoo

  5. Oh dear, Lola!!! I do hope you're back up and chasing rabbits soon!