Saturday, 12 October 2013

Against the Odds

Now I know it could be argued that our lives are just one long holiday – living on a boat and all that – but to mark my ‘coming of age’ I decided I wanted a seaside holiday.  So,  a while ago I did what I never do!  I booked a cottage in Wales for a week!!   “Oh”, I said to Lola, “you’re going to love it!  Lots of lovely coastal walks, digging on the beach, waves to experience and seagulls to chase!  Wonderful!”

And then – two weeks before departure, she goes and breaks her leg!  It really didn’t look like it was going to happen but, against the odds,  ….. we’re here!

Last Monday, stitches were taken out and between then and her next check up which was on the following Friday, the difference in her was remarkable!  She wanted to play with her toys again and jump!  NO JUMPING ALLOWED!!  Anyway the vet said that short walks on the lead would be a good thing so …… here we are on The Gower!  It was going to be a walking holiday ……. well, not now but the change of scene will be good for all of us.Wales 004 (640x480)

Wales 002 (640x480)

Crossing the Severn Bridge.  The water in the Channel looked so calm – calm enough for a narrowboat.     

Gertie (our little old car) has been washed and given a stern talking to!  Despite her age, she has to get us there, all around and all the way back again!!

I used to take my mum to South Wales regularly to see her remaining family.  £6.20 for a car now!!

Wales 015 (640x480)

Bluebell Cottage is part of a converted barn.  The setting is lovely.  The cottage itself is lovely too.  It seems that the other two cottages are empty this week so we’re Wales 009 (640x480)on our own.  Smile

Well, the punk ducks on the pond will keep us company.

We saw one like this on the Ashby Canal.  What’s going on?  Here are a whole family!!

Wales 019 (480x640)

Lola was such a good girl for the journey.  She was so excited when we got here.  She’s not used to having so much room!!  She, and us, are going to love all the beaches and the sunsets ……………  Croesco  xxoo

Wales 021 (640x480)          Wales 006 (640x480)      Wales 020 (640x480)



  1. Jill, Matilda Rose12 October 2013 at 15:01

    Hope you are all having a lovely (less) stress free time xx

  2. Enjoy your holiday and very impressed by Lola's rate of recovery!

  3. It looks lovely. The cottage will give Lola exercise, she has never had so much space!! Give you a ring soon xxxx

  4. It's always so sad when a pet hurts herself. They simply know they're in pain, and don't understand things like rehab! When it quits hurting, it's now ALL GOOD! LET'S GO!!! I am sure with owners like you, she'll heal quickly and completely.