Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Simple? If Only …………

1996  A full size Zanussi Washer/Dryer was installed IN the back cabin.

2013  Said full size Zanussi Washer/Dyer needed to be got OUT of back cabin as it had ‘given up the ghost’/gone ker-put/ had enough!

“Right,” said John, “both of us together, one each side and steady as we go.”

Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it – we was going nowhere and so we had another drink think:-

“Right,” said John, “ let’s try to tip it over, mind your fingers and be careful of your toes.”

After straining, heaving and complaining we was getting nowhere and so we had another drink think:-

“Right,” said John, “I’ll have to take the door off, we need more space so I’ll take the thing apart ….”

Had bad twinges taking off the hinges BUT we was getting somewhere and so ……………….

As well as the door and the hinges, off came the switches, drum, casing, motor, lid, hoses and wires and ……………….  it was out in bits!  The man at the tip was very impressed!

Nothing ever seems to be simple!  There was no way it was going OUT in one piece!  It must have been put IN in one piece before the door and slide of the back cabin were assembled around it!

So, thanks to shopping-on-line a new machine was ordered and two days later at 7.30 am (!!!!!!!!) it was delivered.  This one, of course, could fit through the back door!  BUT:- nothing is ever simple!  The handle on the drum is in a different place from the old machine and means that the decorative wooden door and drawer that hides the machine now has to be modified.  Something else for the skipper to sort out – just as well he has a full set of tools and is good with his hands!!

Changing the subject completely, yesterday we finally got to meet the crew of n/b Yarwood properly.  This blogging lark is a funny old thing!  When you follow other boater’s blogs you get to feel that you know people when you haven’t even met them!  It was really good to put this right last night in the comfortable surroundings of The Red Lion.  So, Lesley, Joe, Fletcher and Floyd and David and Lisa from n/b What a Lark – thank you all for a lovely evening.  Safe cruising to Welford today and, hopefully, we will see you again soon.  xxoo


  1. I must say that the blogger world is a wonderful place! Lots of grand folks out there, and meeting them in person just adds to the awesomeness!

    Sounds like you had great fun with the laundry. I guess one advantage to living in a house is that the doors are big enough! Though I once had to take a couch through a second story window to get it into the flat. It, too, was taken apart to remove it!